November’s Featured Vendor: macProVideo: Where Creative Pros Learn

mpv_logo is an online education community featuring over 1791 hours of training and tutorial content with something for just about every user. Want to learn about audio plug-ins or ear training, animation or app design, JavaScript or Keynote, studio and recording techniques, Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS, Reason, Pro Tools, songwriting, video editing, or even Dubstep? These are just a small sample of the many areas where macProVideo can show you how to succeed. Better yet, they offer packages that inclue streaming and downloading to your Mac, PC, or iDevices, so you can learn on the go – with or without an internet connection. Best of all, their tutorials are created by experts in their fields, and the macProVideo forums and MPV Hub offer ways to connect with folks who share your interests and ideas. Click MORE to explore this group offer.


How-to: Using iCloud as a User Group Resource

icloudIn the past, Apple User Groups could earn a free MobileMe paid account to host their group’s website, use as a contact email, and a few other features. With the introduction of iCloud, some of the services changed or were enhanced, and some were removed. But the accounts are now free. Apple continues to develop and add new features to iCloud. What user group leaders may not know, is that these features can offer resources to your group leaders and members. Most individuals use iCloud to integrate and sync data between computers, iPads and iPhones. In this how-to we will look at how groups can use iCloud for maintaining a membership list, notes, meeting presentations and many other features.

In order to avoid conflicts with your personal iCloud account, this how-to is going to focus on using iCloud as a web based service for your user group.


News to Use: Apple User Group Support Resource Center

Are you an ambassador who wants to sign up for ASW or ASTO? A group leader who lost the group’s database password or has questions about the group’s listing in the database? The Apple User Group Advisory Board has implemented a support ticket system to assist Apple User Group leaders worldwide. Database listings are updated approximately once a month and ambassadors can register for ASW at any time, although memberships go dormant in mid-December and must be renewed each year. The team is here to help.

Working Together: Share Your How-tos, Reviews and Presentations

Group officers face similar challenges and often come up with elegant answers. Wouldn’t it be great to have these group’s collective wisdom just a few clicks away? Have a How-to that you would like to share or a review that merits a wider readership? Want to suggest a topic that needs coverage?

Participate in the conversation for How-tos:


Contribute to our review community:

Meeting Ideas: Apple Pay and OSX Yosemite on ASW

Need a quick presentation for your group’s meeting? Apple Sales Web (ASW) has downloadable presentations that your group’s ambassador can access for meeting topics. Currently, Keynote presentations include “Apple Pay: First Look” (October 20), “OSX Yosemite: Product Presentation” (October 16) and “Understanding Apple SIM” (October 25).

Prefer to create your own presentation using Apple info? Check out ASTO’s QuickTraining .pdf downloads. Using ASW and ASTO, your group is sure to find a presentation to fit your group’s interests.

Apple Sales Web

macProVideo: Huge Discount for Group Members

mpv_logo is a leading producer of high quality tutorial-videos that show people how to use popular Mac software. They are focused on educating new people to help them become better Mac users. As a sponsor, is offering user group members a huge discount:  99¢ U.S. for 3 months of great tutorials (usually $25 U.S. per month). User Group discount codes are protected and can only be accessed by contacting your user group ambassador or leaders who receive a monthly access password. A list of user group discounts can be found here. You can find your group contact by clicking here.

Protected: Leaders – Mac Video Training: 12 Free Library Passes

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How-To: Presenting iOS at User Group Meetings

Traditionally many user groups were known as “Mac” user groups. With the popularity and growth of iPhones and iPads, many groups are changing to become “Apple” user groups. In the past, meeting presentations could be done by hooking a Mac computer up to a projector or television. For iOS devices this can be a challenge. The Apple Use Group Resource team has put together some tips and strategies to get you up and running, presenting iOS at your user group meetings. We will address hardware needs, Apple technologies, software options and user groups successfully using these technologies. Read on.


October’s Featured Vendor: IGG Software, Makers of iBank 5

Founded by Ian G. Gillespie (IGG), IGG Software is a small company with a focus on creating applications for Apple desktop and mobile devices that help users pay their bills, manage their money and plan for their futures.

iBank 5 offers a comprehensive way to plan, compare and manage your financial well being, including tracking and analyzing your accounts and investments, simplifying your transactions, visualizing your finances, and supporting your tax and investment activities. Click for MORE information. (more…)

Overview: UGAB’s Featured Vendor Program

Our new Vendor Program highlights and connects vendors and speakers who want to spread the word about their products and services with clubs who want interesting and informative meeting presentations and opportunities. Each month we will feature at least one vendor who has agreed to provide meeting materials and support in the form of videos, FaceTime or Skype teleconferences, in-person presentations, demo scripts, free products or other means.

We are starting the program out by highlighting IGG Software, maker of iBank and long-time user group supporter. IGG’s presentation ideas include links to a library of product videos, tutorials and more.

Check out this month’s featured vendor!

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