Santa Fe Macintosh User Group: "Synapse to Screen 1.0"

The Santa Fe Macintosh User Group (SFMUG) is sponsoring “Synapse to Screen 1.0” (S2S1.0) in cooperation with the Tenth Annual Santa Fe Film Festival. S2S1.0 will provide a full day of panels, demos and speakers dealing with the use and workings of pre-production software and tools–from brain-storming and mind-mapping, to outlining, scripting, story boarding, production reports and scheduling. SFMUG hopes to offer live streaming of the event as well.

Be part of a great event. FilmFestival.html

Ambassadors – ASTO: Three Core Areas for Ease of Use

Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO) is now even easier to use, with courses arranged into three core subjects: Mac, music and phone. The Product Knowledge area has courses on specific products, posted the day the products are announced. ASTO is your go-to training source and can be an excellent resource to help you make great presentations to your

Earn points today. Apple Sales Training Online

O'Reilly Community Webcasts

O’Reilly, always a strong supporter of user groups, has recently announced webcasts that provide the community with opportunities for audience information and participation. These webcasts typically attract a global audience–it’s not unusual to see participants from thirty countries or more. Past webcast subjects have included the Best iPhone Apps, Snow Leopard and more. The September 24 edition covers security in cloud computing.

Download the archived Best iPhone Apps webcast.

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September 2009 Milestones

This month’s column includes three groups who first met in 1979. Happy anniversary to a worldwide list of some of our oldest groups. Want to see your group listed? Send an email with date and year to

1979 Houston Area Apple Users Group

1979 AppleCore of Memphis, Inc.

1979 South Australian Apple Users’ Club Inc.
(Congrats to President Grant Ward and members of SAAUC.)

1984 Sierra Nevada Apple User Group
(Greetings to SNAG Ambassador and former Apple User Group Advisory Board member Del Missier.)

1985 Mountain View Computer Users Group
(Thanks to MVCUG President and Macworld pro John Buono for this tip.)

1986 SaskMUG (of Saskatchewan, Canada–formerly SAUCE)

1989 Prescott Mac User Group (Arizona)

1992 History and Macintosh Society
(Greetings to Board member Marc Bizer.)

1995 MacApple Users of San Antonio

1999 Rome Owners of Apple Macintosh

Washington Apple Pi: Clubhouse Saturdays

For more than thirty years, few groups have been as vibrant and
accomplished as the Washington Apple Pi (WAP). One of the reasons that
they have stayed involved and active is their commitment to public
service. Their newest service is Clubhouse Saturdays, where people can
meet, chat, learn what is going on with the club and ask questions of
hardware and software gurus.

Check it out.

Australian Apple User Groups Have a New Magazine

Founded by Nicholas Pyers and made up of more than 30 groups in
Australia, is a central gathering spot for the leaders of
Australian Apple User Groups. On July 25 they displayed their newest
project: a new digital format (PDF) magazine for all Australian Apple
User Groups to distribute free to their members.

They work together to grow together.