Saturday dBug Cafe: A Seattle Tradition for dBug's Resource Center

What’s happening on Saturdays down at the dBug Cafe sponsored by the Seattle Mac User Group? According to the dBug website, a better question might be, “What isn’t?” People bring in their Macs to get fixed up or souped up. The iPhone has made a fair number of visits and digital photography buffs have been showing off some cool tricks in iPhoto and Photoshop. iPods are all over the place and the questions & answers flow more freely than the hot coffee!

Have coffee with the experts.

NCMUG: Another Amazingly Successful Event

Congratulations to the North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG) on another highly successful Mac Computer Expo (MCE) with more than 1,000 attendees! It’s the 25th year of MCE and each seems to build nicely on the last. You can bet they are already making plans for MCE 2010.

MCE in the Press

MCE Pictures


MCE homepage

(Warm congratulations to NCMUG President and Event Chair Lorene Romero, officers and members of NCMUG.)

October 2009 Milestones

This month’s column includes the Apple Blossom Computer Club: four members started a club in 1981 and one has been a member ever since. Happy anniversary to a worldwide list of some of our oldest groups.

(Greetings to President Joan Paletti.)

Apple-Q Inc
(Congratulations to President Bob Irwin and Apple-Q members.)

Apple Blossom Computer Club

dBug – Seattle Mac User Group

North Coast Mac Users Group (CA)
(Greetings to President Lorene Romero and NCMUG members.)

Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society

Victoria Macintosh Users Group
(Greetings to Apple User Group Regional Liaison Christian Coll, President Dave Traynor and VMUG members.)

Yakima Area Macintosh Users (MacYac)

The Bay Area Macintosh User Group of West Central Florida
(Thanks to Cheryl Smeed for this tip.)

Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group
(Congratulations to President Mark Griffith, Webmaster Ralph Woodard, Apple User Group Board member Lynn Poos and the wonderful folk at SMMUG.)

Rheintaler Macintosh User Group (REMUG)
(Greetings to President Martin Hilber and REMUG members.)

Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia
(Hi to President Chris Urban, VP Irv Herzog and members.)

Oregon MacPioneers User Group (Omug)
(Greetings to former Apple User Group Regional Liaison and OMUG President Steve Welsh.)

(Thanks to President Julie Burwood for this tip.)

2007 DC Final Cut Pro User Group
(Thanks to ambassador and leader Rodney Mitchell for this tip.)