Hollywood comes to the DC Metro Area FCP User Group

The DC Metro Final Cut Pro User Group (DCFCPUG) is in the midst of hard work and excitement these days with three DCFCPUG members on the crew of a feature film being shot in Northern Virginia through July of 2010. Leader Rodney Mitchell posts this commentary on the group’s web site:

“What an exhausting first week on the set of the feature film: “At the Top of the Pyramid”. Learning a lot about the business of making a feature film. So many departments, each with a specific function. The Video Village function is truly the nerve center for critical viewing of each composition, framing and lighting of what is going on the set.  Where scene to scene decisions are made.  Makes for interesting quality time with the executive staff…”

Congrats to the members of DCFCPUG and warm wishes for many films to come.


WoowooMac: An Exciting New Resource

WoowooMac is an online resource for people who enjoy using Apple products and want to learn something new, useful and fun about their Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod – every day. Groups can get valuable tips and information and can send news about their interests and activities. Better yet, editors of non-profit user groups can use the articles in their newsletters as long as attribution is given!

Articles on WoowooMac are written for folks who you would commonly see in an Apple Store. They’re not necessarily technologists or tech industry followers. They simply want to learn more about how to use their Apple products better – in the office, at home and at play – in language they can understand.

Visit WoowooMac today!


(Thanks to editor Jackie Macapanpan for this wonderful new resource.)

Milestones for June 2010

This month’s milestones include two groups who first met as early as 1978. Happy anniversary to some of our oldest groups and some newer ones too! Want to see your group listed? Send an email with date and year to ugbeditor@me.com.

1978: Maryland Apple Corps
(Warm wishes to the MDAPPLE team.)

1978: The Minnesota Apple Computer User Group
(Congratulations to Membership Director Les Anderson, long time Ambassador Bruce Thompson and the members of Minnesota’s Mini’app’les.)

1980: Apple-Dayton

1980: Rhode Island Apple Group
(Hi to Editor John Gentile and members.)

1985: San Gabriel Valley Mac User Group
(Greetings to members and officers of SGVMUG.)

1991: Maui Apple Users Society
(Sending warm wishes to Apple User Group Advisory Board member and MAUIMAC President Rick Ortiz, MAUIMAC Webmaster and Frontierland Pro Chris Saribay and members of MAUIMAC.)

1992: MacNorth Computer Club
(Thanks very much to Ambassador Ray Conroy for this tip.)

1995: InterMactivity
(Congratulations to Frederik De Pauw, Algemene Coordinatie,
and members of InterMac.)

1997: MacAttorney
(Greetings to UGU presenter, MacBible author and MacAttorney founder Randy Singer.)

2001: Indonesia Macintosh Society
(Thanks to President Dirgayuza Setiawan – check out the group’s great intro video.)

2002: Logicuser.de, Deutschlands

Florida Mac User Group & Central Florida Computer Society Create iSIG

The Central Florida Computer Society, one of Ameica’s oldest computer user groups (established 1976) is joining forces with the Florida Mac User Group (FLMUG) to present an iPhoneOS SIG aptly named the iSIG.  The iSIG will hold its first meeting on Monday June 21 and will meet every month on the 3rd Monday.

iSIG meetings will cover the products that use the iPhoneOS, which includes the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Groups and individuals are invited to participate.

Learn more:


Florida Mac User Group (FLMUG)


The Central Florida Computer Society


Annapolis Apple Slice Hosts Frank Patnaude of Genial Geneaolgists

On June 19, the Annapolis Apple Slice User Group will host Frank Patnaude, who will present his favorite genealogy application. He is president elect of the Guild for Life at Anne Arundel Community College and a member of the Odenton Genial Genealogists.  Frank has been working with Family Tree Maker (FTM) for 10 years (FTM has both Mac and PC versions) and with ‘Generations Suite’ prior to that, so his presentation is sure to offer new techniques and insights for the topic of genealogy.

Be there.


(Thanks to Kay Cave for this great tip!)

Mac2MUG & Tuscawaras Host Dave Marra

On June 19, the members of Mac2MUG and the Tuscawaras Mac User Group will join together to host Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Mara, whose presentation will cover OSX Snow Leopard and the iPad. Canton, Ohio will be the place to be during this Saturday afternoon event. As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple, Dave Marra has conducted thousands of technology presentations, keynote addresses and workshops for schools, Mac and PC user groups, businesses and other professional organizations across the United States and Canada.

This is one you won’t want to miss!



Boston Final Cut Pro Group Presents First Boston SuperMeet

Final Cut Pro folk worldwide are familiar with Final Cut Pro SuperMeets, where the best and the brightest gather for tips, news and networking. Now, the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group (BOSFCPUG) will be presenting the First Annual Boston SuperMeet on Friday, June 25th in John Hancock Hall at the Back Bay Events Center in Boston MA. Word is that this will be the largest gathering of FCP, Avid and Adobe editors, HD-DSLR and digital filmmakers, content creators and Gurus on the East Coast in 2010, so get out of your house or production offices to mingle with Boston’s production and post community, get seen by showing your student work, connect and interact with industry leaders you want to meet, win some cool prizes and have a great, fun time at it!

Be there.