Chicago Apple User Group: A House Call From “Dr. Mac”

On November 3 the Chicago Apple User Group will host a presentation by Bob Levitus, better known as “Dr. Mac,” one of the top-selling authors of Mac and Apple books on the planet. Funny, smart, honest and incredibly down-to-earth,  “Dr. Mac” will offer his thoughts and guidance courtesy of the dues-paying members of the Chicago Apple User Group. Better yet, the event is free and open to the public.

Check it out!

Ray Thompson: History of the Apple Corps and So Much More

At the 400th meeting of the Apple Corps of Dallas a founding member, Ray Thompson, presented a wonderful look at 33 years of computing. From early punch cards to being one of 12 who founded the Apple Corps to the present day, this is one of the best retrospectives we have seen and one that Apple User Group members will remember long after viewing the presentation. What are you waiting for? Visit and view today!

Presentation Link:

Dallas Apple Corps Today:

Milestones for October

This month’s Milestones includes the Apple Blossom Computer Club: four members started a club in 1981 and one has been a member ever since. Mexico’s iGroup is eleven years old and has grown to more than 700 on-site and online members. Happy anniversary to a worldwide list of some of our oldest and largest groups.

1977 AppleRock
(Greetings to President Joan Poletti.)

1979 Apple-Q Inc
(Congratulations to Apple-Q members.)

1981 Apple Blossom Computer Club

1984 dBug – Seattle Mac User Group

1984 North Coast Mac Users Group (CA)
(Greetings to President Lorene Romero and NCMUG members.)

1984 Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society
(Congrats to President Arthur Barber and members of TUMS)

1984 Victoria Macintosh Users Group
(Greetings to President Dave Traynor and VMUG members.)

1984 Yakima Area Macintosh Users (MacYac)

1985 Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group
(Congratulations to President Richard Schafer, Webmaster Ralph Woodard, Apple User Group Board member Lynn Poos and the wonderful folk at SMMUG.)

1991 Rheintaler Macintosh User Group (REMUG)
(Thanks to President Martin Hilber for this tip.)

1992 Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia
(Hi to President Chris Urban, VP Irv Herzog and members.)

1999 iGroup Mexico
(Thanks to long-time President Edgar Orduna for this tip.)

2002 AppleSeeds
(Thanks to President Julie Burwood for this tip.)

Upper Keys: The Mac is a Writer’s Best Friend

On Oct. 14th the Upper Keys Mac User Group will host Diane Marshall on the topic of using your Mac for writing. A journalist and former creative writing instructor at FIU, Diane has used a Mac for writing since its inception in 1984. As the title of her presentation notes: the Mac IS a writer’s best friend. Better yet, the presentation is free and open to the public.

Be there.

(Thanks to group publicist Sue Beal for this great tip.)

AMUG Sydney: A Tradition of Service

User groups are known for community service and the Apple Macintosh Users’ Group of Sydney is no exception. On October 16 they will continue their tradition of providing user assistance in the UNSW computer lab.  They even provide a link to book a spot in the answer queue.  From streaming the latest Steve Jobs September 1 Keynote to providing a link to the most-recent Nicholas Pyers AppleUsers Spotlight, the group puts service first.


Download the latest AppleUsers Spotlight