iMug Australia: Then and Now

The Internet Macintosh User Group of Australia (iMug) has an illustrious history, yet they are always looking forward, even while honoring the past. Their Museum Collection of essays on the history of computing are a fun look back. Their meetings are even more fun, as they pursue the best of what’s new and wonderful. This month’s get-together features Synergetic’s Arjun Xavier, providing an expert overview of cloud computing, and well-known professional photographer Peter Walton’s insights on the hardware, applications and techniques that can make a photograph a classic in the highly competitive field of stock photography. Ross House in Melbourne on June 28: be there!

Visit the iMug Museum Collection.

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Pyers Presents: Spotlight Special Edition for WWDC 2011

The newest edition of Spotlight from, the Australian volunteer team that represents more than 30 user groups, includes a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X, covering announcements from Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference 2011 (WWDC) Keynote, ten years of Apple retail stores and other recent Apple news. This issue is now available for free in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Reader or Preview under Mac OS X, Adobe Reader for Windows and now in iBooks on the iPad, iPhone and iPad touch.

Download and read this special edition of the Spotlight today:

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(Thanks to founder and editor Nicholas Pyers for making these resources available to the community!)

Supporting Local Film Production: SF Cutters

SF Cutters, known for strong support of media makers, has announced that they will be setting up film screenings at the San Francisco Apple Store on Stockton. These gatherings will be free, open to the public and focused on member screenings of reels and work. Need a media expert? Contact SF Cutters. Love their meetings? Don’t worry: these screenings will be in addition to, and not replace, regular meetings.

Check out a great reel and expert media skills.

(Thanks to Ambassador Claudia Crask for this great tip!)

North Coast MUG: MCE Returns in October

The North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG) will be celebrating this October, as they mark the 18th year for their popular Macintosh Computer Expo, second only to Macworld as the largest expo of its type in the San Francisco Bay area. Mark your calendar for October 1, and plan to join thousands of Macintosh enthusiasts at the Petaluma Community Center for the workshops, vendor displays, fun, raffle and networking that are the hallmarks of every MCE. If you attend once, you’ll be back for more.

Save the date:

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(Thanks to President Lorene Romero for this excellent tip!)

Maker Faire: O’Reilly Spotlights Creativity

Groups often complain that events happen far from their doorsteps. For folk in the U.S. and Canada, there is probably a Maker Faire within driving distance. What’s a Maker Faire? It’s an opportunity to network, create, showcase and offer hands-on interaction with the ideas and creativity of users in a region.  As O’Reilly’s site says, “Maker Faire offers the opportunity for us to see ourselves as more than consumers: we are productive; we are creative. Everyone is a maker and our world is what we make it.” Find a Maker Faire in North Carolina on the 18th. Find one in Vancouver and Kansas City on June 25 – 26th. Detroit, New York, Fort Wayne and more will have Maker Faires in the months to come. No Faire in your area? O’Reilly’s site shows you how to become a host.

Meet folk like yourself for a great experience:

(Thanks as always to long-time user group supporter Marsee Henon of O’Reilly for this wonderful tip!)

KansasFest: 22 Years of Fun and Technology

KansasFest, the 22nd annual convention dedicated to the Apple II computer, returns to Kansas City, Missouri. Join enthusiasts on Tuesday, July 19, 2011, through Sunday, July 24, for six days and five nights of sessions, demos, announcements, contests and camaraderie. This year’s keynote speaker will be Bob Bishop, co-founder of Apple’s R&D lab alongside Steve Wozniak and creator of many popular Apple II programs and articles. Want to know how to put your Apple II on a LAN? Need to build an MP3 expansion card? Want an opportunity to show off (and play with) unusual hardware and software? KansasFest is the place to be!

Listen and learn:

(Thanks to Ken Gagne for this tip.)

FCPUG: Second Annual London SuperMeet

On Thursday, June 23, the Final Cut Pro User Groups (FCPUG) Network will host their world-famous SuperMeet in London, the largest gathering of Final Cut Studio, Avid and Adobe editors, HDSLR filmmakers and digital content creators and Gurus on the Planet. Network over Cocktails, learn new techniques, hear from experts in the field and be part of their world-famous raffle, as you celebrate the second anniversary of the London SuperMeet and the tenth anniversary of FCPUG SuperMeets.

Be there:

Stay current with FCPUG activities:!/fcpugnetwork

(Thanks to Dan Berube of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group and FCPUG for this tip!)

Cambria Macintosh User Group: Extensive List of Mac Links

In Jack Hennessy’s June Cambria Computer Club (CMUG) newsletter and mailing, he included an interesting web site that provides links to an extensive range of OSX subjects, including shortcuts, security, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, CGI, encryption, UNIX, newsreaders, command line interface, software, hardware and so much more. What a treat!

Check it out:

Visit the Cambria Computer Club’s Macintosh User Group:

(Thanks to Jack Hennessy for this cool tip!)

WoowooMac: A Good Resource for Groups and Users

WoowooMac is an online resource for people who enjoy using Apple products and want to learn something new, useful and fun about their Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod every day. Groups can get valuable tips and can send news about their interests and activities. Better yet, editors of non-profit user groups can use the articles in their newsletters as long as attribution is given!

Visit WoowooMac today!

(Thanks to editor Jackie Macapanpan for this great resource.)