NCMUG Video SIG: A Tribute to Steve

Jon Jones, North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG) Board member and Video SIG leader, put together a short tribute video for the NCMUG Video SIG’s YouTube channel. Jon used clips from notable product unveilings by Steve Jobs, set to the Vangelis music used by Mr. Jobs for the introduction of the original Macintosh computer, along with additional backdrop imagery created by a visualization specialist at Twitter who collected tweets related to Steve Jobs’ passing. The image at the close of the video is an altered Apple logo repurposed as a tribute design for Steve Jobs and created by a 19-year old design student in Hong Kong.

NCMUG’s YouTube channel:

(Thanks to President Lorene Romero and Vice President Ronnie Roche for this tip.)

Filmmaker: BOSFCPUG and Emerson College Collaborate

Join members of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group (BOSFCPUG), students from Emerson College’s Department of Media and Visual Arts, guests and film fans for the next installment in their collaborative Filmmaker series: a conversation with leading industry filmmakers and experts. The event will feature Bobbie O’Steen (“Cut to the Chase” and “The Invisible Cut”) for an in-depth discussion of the editing on Mike Nichols’ “The Graduate.” During the evening, Bobbie will screen important scenes and describe how they were edited to produce a classic. The price? Free to registered attendees.


Boston Final Cut Pro User Group:

DCFCPUG: Holiday Gathering at GVEXPO

On November 30, the District of Columbia Final Cut Pro User Group (DCFCPUG) will host its combined November and December meeting with a special event during the Government Video Expo (GVEXPO), one of the East Coast’s largest gathering of video and broadcasting pros. With tasty treats from sponsor AJA Video, demos of Smoke on the Mac and ToolFarm plug ins, a keynote presentation by Gary Adcock and a bounteous raffle, what more could an Expo attendee want?

Join in the fun.

Visit the District of Columbia Final Cut Pro User Group.


San Gabriel Valley: Mac101 Clinic

Members of the San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group (SGVMUG) will be able to ask the experts during Mac101, on November 21 at the Pasadena Central Public Library.  The experts include Pat Dengler, Chris Keller, Dave Whitby, Billy Chang and Andrew Zima. Want to know about Lions new features? Questions about iOS on your mobile devices? Interested in hidden features? SGVMUG’s Mac 101 Clinic is the place to be.

Check it out!


MacCamp: SMUG and MIAMUG Continue a Tradition

On November 12, members from Saginaw Michigan Users Group (SMUG) and
Mac-in-Awe MUG (MIAMUG), as well as guests and switchers, will join
together to create an energy-rich atmosphere for fun, learning and
sharing. MacCamp is all about “hands-on” learning. Bring your own laptop
or gather round the many that are in use. Ask questions and get answers
or help. Be there to join in the fun.


Mac-in-Awe MUG

Saginaw Macintosh Users Group