NCMUG: Dori Smith and Tom Negrino

One of the biggest topics for groups is the move from MobileMe to iCloud, especially since the June 30 deadline is less than 50 days away. On May 15, Dori Smith and Tom Negrino will be at the North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG) to discuss the benefits that come from moving to the cloud and offer tips for moving efficiently. Dori and Tom are well known for their books and presentations, and the topic is a good fit: Tom has a new book out titled iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Check it out.

Tom and Dori’s books are available on iTunes, including iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide.


AUSOM: Cybersecurity Basics and More

Members of Australia’s AUSOM pronounce their group’s name as awesome, and if you have been to one of their meetings you will agree that the group is awesome indeed. From their updated Discs of the Month (DOM) program, to their fifty-plus-paged monthly magazine, to their incredibly comprehensive meetings, AUSOM has something for everyone. For example, their June 2 meeting has 25 different sessions over approximately 8 hours, including a presentation by Apple trainer Kevin Blazé  who will offer tips and techniques for members who are interesting in improving their cybersecurity practices.


BOSCPUG: Ralph H. Baer and a Mixer

On May 23 members of the Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSCPUG) will team up with their friends at SMPTE New England for a must-attend networking & socializing mixer to be held in the studios of National Boston Video Center in Boston. With special thanks to SMPTE member David P. Allen, the contributing Editor, Emeritus of Videography Magazine, BOSCPUG is pleased to present a special evening of retrospective and reflection with Ralph H. Baer, a distinguished Video Technologist, Inventor and Consultant.

Be there.

(Thanks to Dan Berube of BOSCPUG for this tip!)

Bay Area Macintosh User Group: Mac101 Class

Mac user group members are known for heir helpfulness: ask a question and there are always folk willing to offer (or research) an answer. Newbies are welcome and long-time users always seem to find one more trick or tip to add to their arsenal.

The members of the Bay Area Macintosh User Group of Central Florida take helpfulness a step farther by offering small, hand-on classes for those with questions. By limiting each Mac101 class to 8 attendees or fewer, the group ensures that learners of all levels receive personal attention and find answers. By scheduling a Mac101 Class on the 4th Monday of every month, they ensure that every member has a chance to participate.

Visit the Bay Area Macintosh User Group of West Central Florida.

ACAMUG: Jason O’Grady Presents

The Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group (ACAMUG) hosted Jason Grady at their May 11th meeting. Known for O’Grady’s Power Page and his work for ZDNET/CBS Interactive’s The Apple Core, Jason always has something interesting to say about the world of technology. Members enjoyed his May presentation last year and were glad to have him back for another information-filled evening.

Learn about ACAMUG.

Visit O’Grady’s Power Page.