Nicholas Pyers Presents: “Working with Presenters” and the Newest Apple User Spotlight

Nicholas Pyers is known for, the Apple Users Spotlight, his clever puzzles and long-time championship of all things Mac. His most recent project is titled “Working with Presenters,” a topic of value to groups world wide. There are three installments in the series so far, with more to come.

The most-recent article is titled “Working with Presenters on the Night”

The first two articles covered “Approaching Potential Presenters” and “Confirming Presenters.”

Better Yet, the most-recent Apple Users Spotlight is available for download, containing articles on:

  • AKVIS Coloriage
  • AppZapper – How do I uninstall Apple software if there is no option for this?
  • Yoink
  • Setting-up a new Mac from an old Mac or its Backups
  • Opt Out of Advertising
  • Flashback Malware on Macs – what you can do to reduce this threat
  • Tagging as you go
  • Quick iPad Tips
  • QuickTime Format Extender Perian to Cease Development
  • Reunion 10 – Offers Better Genealogical Overviews, Web Search
  • Change Default Search Engine in Safari on iPad to Bing, Yahoo! or Google
  • Introducing the Bookle EPUB Reader
  • Apples are not just computers – now Apples control a host of other devices.
  • New Bento 4 for iPad
  • Podcasts App Breaks Podcasts out of Music App
  • News from Apple
  • Nicholas’ Dashboard
  • Spotlight Contest #18
  • iPad Magic – Music, Podcasts & TV Shows
  • Spotlight Cooks – Apple Dessert/Cake
  • Book Reviews

and much, much more.

Download the newest Apple User Spotlight is a central gathering spot for the leaders of Australian Apple User Groups.

(Thanks to founder and editor Nicholas Pyers for making these resources available to the community!)

Sign of the Times: Broader Missions and New Names

As our digital community expands, groups are often left with a quandary: do their current names and missions reflect current-day experiences and practices? Some answer the question by changing their names to match their group’s expanded interests. For example, the members of Mad Mac in Madison, Wisconsin, are holding a contest in order to select a new name that reflects “the wider array of products and services offered by Apple.”

Others may widen their missions. For example, the Boston Final Cut Pro group (BOSFCPUG) became the Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSCPUG) in order to encompass the wide range of technologies that are part of the video editor’s toolkit.

Many groups seem to be offering an equal number of iOS presentations and Mac presentations, with a few concentrating far more on iOS devices. How is your group changing as our devices change? Has your membership changed? Your mission? Your group’s name?

Share your thoughts.

(Thanks much to Richard Russell of Mac Mac for news of the Mad Mac contest.)

Visit Mad Mac’s blog.

See what’s new at the Boston Creative Pro User Group.

Club Mac: Irish Group Has a Clever Forum Idea

Every group has a few members who like to grumble. Meeting topics? Too complicated or too easy. SIGS? Always for the wrong devices and technologies. A fun fact about Club Mac of Ireland is that their forums provide a thread specifically for grumbling. Does it make their 450+ forum participants happier? Hard to say. Either way, it brings a smile on this side of the screen.

See what other clever ideas come from 20+ years at Club Mac.

NCMUG: Derrick Story Presents

On August 21, the North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG) will host Derrick Story, author, digital photographer and member of the conference faculty for Macworld. The topic for the evening will be, “You Don’t Need a DSLR to Take Beautiful Pictures.” Derrick is known for his photographic expertise, and attendees always leave with new ideas and new techniques for taking better pictures, Can’t be there? Check out The Digital Story, Derrick’s virtual camera club and weekly podcast, open to all photography enthusiasts.

See what NCMUG is doing.

Check out their Facebook page.

Visit The Digital Story

(Thanks to NCMUG Vice President Ronnie Roche for this great tip!)

HAAUG Heaven: Chris Breen Comes to Houston

On October 20 members and officers of the Houston Area Apple Group (HAAUG) will host Macworld Senior Editor Chris Breen, a user group favorite. In addition to his Macworld work, Breen is the author of The iPhone Pocket Guide, 6th edition and a popular instructor for Of course, he is also the crowd-pleasing pianist for the Macworld-favorite All Star Band. This is one meeting you won’t want to miss!

Check it out.

Apple User Group Locator: New Look Coming Soon

The Apple User Group Locator is a one-stop resource for people looking to join a group and those looking to become more involved with our community. Currently, the Apple User Group Advisory Board is updating the User Group Locator to improve the end user experience and ensure that potential members can easily find the best fit for their interests and locations. Stay tuned: the User Group Locator will be back on line soon with a new look and greater usability.

Chicago Apple: Special Guest Speaker Gordon Bell

The Chicago Apple User Group is hosting Gordon Bell, president of Prosoft Engineering, for their September 5 meeting. Gordon and Jennifer are long-time supporters of user groups, including User Group University at Macworld, and Prosoft Engineering’s data recovery software for pictures, sound and other files found on your digital devices has helped many a user in a tight spot. Gordon will discuss techniques for preventing problems and solutions for problems that occur. From newbie to expert, and everyone in between, this is a presentation you should not miss.

Come for the information; stay for the fun.

MCE: World Class Speakers, Sessions and So Much More

This year’s Mac Expo 2012, the largest expo of its type in the Bay Area, will be held on October 6 at the Petaluma Community Center. After 19 years, the Expo continues to delight with world-class speakers, sponsors and opportunities for learning, networking and more. The first MCE included a few hundred attendees. Last year’s Expo saw a few thousand attendees enjoy a day of education and fun as MCE continued to grow. This year continues the tradition.

Great speakers? Yep – speakers will include many of the best-known names in the Macintosh community, including Derrick Story, Allison Sheridan, Chris Breen, Jeff Gamet, Tom Negrino, Kerry Rego, Bert Monroy and NCMUG Vice President Ronnie Roche (as of press time).

Service to the community? As part of the Expo, Data Rescue Center is offering a chance to win a free iPad; attendees can earn one raffle ticket for each drive turned in for recycling in addition to helping the environment. Good Will Industries will have an eWaste recycling drop off area as well.

Interesting topics? This year’s topics include a panel discussion of women in technology, a presentation on parenting in the mobile internet age and another on accessibility.

Fun discussions, educational offerings and great networking? Of course!

The team regularly releases information about additional speakers, sessions and sponsors. So, keep an eye on the Mac Expo 2012 web and Facebook pages for announcements.

Macintosh Computer Expo

Like them on Facebook.

DVMUG & RMUG Film Fest 2012: Lights! Camera! Action!

On August 21, the Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group (DVMUG) and the Rossmoor MAC Users Group (RMUG) will jointly host their most recent Film Fest in the deluxe settings of the Peacock Theater, Walnut Creek, California.  Come for the films, stay for the wine-and-cheese awards ceremony in the adjacent Fireside Room.  DVMUG President Don Nelson will be there and long-time Macworld volunteer staffer Tom Bacon too. If you have been to these Film Fests before, you already know why you want to attend this one. If not, come for a great evening of film, fun and friendship in an elegant setting. Better yet, a DVD of all submitted films will be available for $10.00 (US).

Learn about the Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group.

Visit the Rossmoor MAC Users Group at their new site.

Check out the DVMUG/RMUG 2012 FIlm Fest page.

Find the DVMUG/RMUG Film Fest on Facebook.