Melbourne: Pam Doughty Authors 20 Years of AUSOM News Excellence

In February of 1993 Pam Doughty penned her first edition of the AUSOM News, the newsletter for the Apple Users Society of Melbourne (AUSOM Inc.). Twenty years on, she is still editing, still shining as one of the wonderful lights of AUSOM’s membership. Founded in 1979, the group currently has well over 700 members and still publishes its newsletter in both hard copy and digital formats – 48 pages of excellence. Thanks for all your “awesome” work over the last twenty years Pam.

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(Thanks to AUSOM President Ivan Radywonik for this great tip!)

Chicago Apple User Group: Michel Segard Presents

On February 6, the officers and members of the Chicago Apple User Group will host Michel Segard. For more than 30 years, Michel has been a pioneer in desktop publishing, developing and teaching the first for-credit course on the subject for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1986 and serving for over 24 years as a proposal designer for one of the world’s largest professional services firm. Add in his work as an art critic, curator and catalog author, and this is one presentation you won’t want to miss.

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12th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet: Register Today


Planning to attend the 12th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet on January 30th? Buy your ticket soon! The enrollment for workshops is already past the halfway mark and the sessions usually sell out well before the show. Attendees can plan to attend the workshops during the day and still have plenty of time to fully enjoy both the SuperMeet Digital Showcase and SuperMeet in the evening. As their web site notes:

SuperMeets provide the postproduction and broadcast community an opportunity to not only learn about latest technology trends, but to network and share industry news and opportunities in a social setting that is both educational, exciting and fun! If you haven’t attended a SuperMeet or one of the workshops, why are you waiting? If you have been to one before, you already know why you should register.

SF Cutters has the information you need for the 12th Annual SuperMeet and other great events.

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AUGM in OITA: Apple Japan and User Group Fun

On February 23, the Apple User Group Meeting (AUGM) in Oita will return to Oita Prefecture. Working with Apple Japan, groups meet for fun events, including fund raisers such as a rock-paper-scissors contest and their annual short movie festival.  Participating Apple user groups have included the Hot apple OITA Apple User Group, Mac Users Group Kitakyushu, iWest, Apples come!, Apple Users Society of Saga, Welcome to Macintosh, Apple User Group Nagasaki, iThree, Kumamoto MacCafe, Miyazaki Apple Club, Mac User Group Kagoshima, Apple Club Satsuma, HaiSaiMac, Kanteidan Treasure MAC and more. Attendees will learn about new products from well-known vendors and enjoy a fun filled day. Thank you to the Hot Apple OITA Apple User Group Executive Committee and Apple Japan for planning this exciting event.

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London MUG: Bagel Tech Foto Photowalk

Like many of us, the members and officers of the London Mac User Group are looking forward to a new year and new possibilities. What could be better than a bit of a walk with good friends? Add in a bit of tech and it gets even better. On January 14, the group teams up with Bagel Tech for a Photowalk. Why? The group says that a photowalk will help folk get out doors more, offer a new hobby or improve an old one, provide a way to meet new people and, best of all, have fun. The group will end the day with a gathering at a local pub. What’s not to love?

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San Diego MUG: Gordon Bell Presents

The San Diego Macintosh User Group (SDMUG) will be hosting Gordon Bell, president of Prosoft Engineering, for their February 6 meeting. Gordon and Jennifer are long-time supporters of user groups, including User Group University at Macworld, and Prosoft Engineering’s data recovery software for pictures, sound and other files found on your digital devices has helped many a user in a tight spot. Gordon will discuss techniques for preventing problems and solutions for problems that occur. From newbie to expert, and everyone in between, this is a presentation you should not miss.

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Main Line Macintosh UG: Waldie Presents

On February 9, the Main Line Macintosh Users Group (MLMUG) will host Ben Waldie, President of Automated Workflows LLC, popular MacWorld columnist and in-demand Macworld trainer. Ben has been known for years as the guru of AppleScript, Automator and all things that enhance productivity, so the meeting will cover how to organize your files, prioritize your to-do lists, deal with email overload and more. From beginner to expert, from well-read techie to new iPhone user, there will something for everyone.


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