London Mac User Group: NewsByte Brings the News

The London Mac User Group (LMUG) has an interesting feature for group meetings: in the NewsByte section of their meetings, a designated member presents all the Apple news of interest since their last meeting, helping members stay informed. This month, the club took part in the London International Technology Show, with a booth devoted to the group, a main stage presentation by Paul Kercal devoted to iPad art and a “Mac Hall of Fame” section that included computers owned by group members. Thanks to Karl Madden, Bill Brockbank, Kevin Clark, Arron Claydon, Michael Corgan, Robert Cox, Judy Feasey, Terry Figg, Paul Foster, Alan Herbert, Toby Herbert, Tina Jacobs, Andy Leigh, Chris Mahon, Laurie North, Esmond Pickering, Giles Powell, Elizabeth Shaw, Tim Simmons, Drew Straughan, Peter Tucker, Rodney Walshaw, Jim Warham, Gepke Warham, Fabio Zimbalatti, and others the event was a success!

Learn about the London Mac User Group.

South Essex Apple Link: Screencasting

In early July the officers and members of the South Essex Apple Link (SEAL) club will be traveling to Leicestershire for the Silicon Dreams and Vintage Computer Festival at the Snibston Discovery Museum. The festival promises to cover all things digital, with computing workshops, retro computing, electronic music and vintage gaming. SEAL will follow the trip with a July 12 meeting on Screencasting, including how to record a movie (audio and video) of the changes over time that you see on a computer screen, making for a digital-filled month of fun.

Learn about SEAL.

Attend the Silicon Dreams and Vintage Computer Festival.

Cambria Computer and Technology Club: Working Better, Working Together

Over time, the electronic technologies we use multiply and a group with a single focus can feel left behind. The best groups change and grow as the tools we use change. The Cambria Computer and Technology Club has made significant changes to meet their community’s needs, including expanding the focus of the group to comprise many new technologies and consolidating their meetings to offer a better user experience, joining Mac and PC users in shared interests. For example, their June 20th meeting will cover how to “Tame Your iPhoto Library”  and the group’s June 14th meeting covered troubleshooting for both Mac and PCs.

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SFCutters: Community Service, Edit Fest London and Edit Fest L.A.

Some groups focus on the latest and greatest technology. Others focus on members’ needs, while some are simply social clubs. The San Francisco Cutters (SFCutters), a Creative Pro user group, does it all, and does it with style. There are times when creatives can find it hard to get good jobs, when word-of-mouth can make all the difference. So, SFCutters runs a column titled Events FOR Editors, PostPRODUCTION, VFX, and Production Workflow, and regularly posts employment opportunities of interest to the creative community. From offering discounts to EditFest London (currently sold out), to shining a spotlight on member projects, to highlighting a Kickstarter project or sharing an employment opportunity, to notifying the community of a just-released discount on EditFest L.A., there is something for everyone.

Visit SFCutters on Facebook.

Learn about Edit Fest L.A.

Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group: Adam Christianson Presents

On Monday, June 17, officers and members of the Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group (SVMUG) will host a presentation by Adam Christianson of The Maccast, covering a number of topics, including Photoshop alternatives. The Maccast is a two-time Apple iTunes “Best Of” Podcast, so the Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room is the place to be on June 17.

Be there.

(Thanks as always to Pam Ailes for her excellent meeting and event mailings, and this tip.)

L.A. Web Professionals: SEO Keyword Selection and Strategy

Sponsored by the L.A. Web Professionals Group, on Sunday, June 23 John Crestani of Results Driven Marketing will offer guidance to attendees interested in optimizing online success, including defining a target audience using tools such as Quantcast, Google Ad Planner, and Google Analytics, as well as a traffic-based approach; keyword techniques including selection tactics, intent,  sniffing and hacks; keyword selection as it relates to PPC and much more.

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