CFCPUG in Alberta: Ten Years of Excellence and Two Years of FCP X

On July 25, officers and members of the Calgary Fabulously Creative Pro Users Group (CFCPUG) will meet in Calgary, Alberta, to discuss Final Cut Pro X – Two Years On. When the group started, Final Cut Pro 4 had just been announced at NAB and editors were using PowerMac G4 towers and 17″ Powerbook G4s to create state-of-the-art video. The Calgary Fabulously Creative Pro Users Group (CFCPUG) and Final Cut Pro have both come a long way!

Congrats to the group on their 10 years of networking and education, and best wishes for an even better decade to come.



Southern Wisconsin Apple Group: Designing a Presentation in Keynote

One of my favorite user group newsletters, SWAGGER, is published by the Southern Wisconsin Apple Group (SWAG). While some groups are located near multiple software and hardware developers, making it easy to find monthly speakers, groups in the Midwest can find it a bit more challenging to provide timely and informative topics.

The folk at SWAG do this by offering topics that meet their local member’s needs, building community and sharing information with other groups in the area. Recent topics have included iTunes, iWork, Keynote, and, believe it or not, Windows 8, presented by a member of the Madison PC Users Group.

See how they do it in Madison.

(Thanks to Membership Coordinator Richard Russell and Editor Holly McEntee for getting the word out about SWAG.)

Computer Reach: Doing Well by Doing Good

Robert A. Donaldson, Charlie Hutchens, Rich Fitzgibbon, John Hamill, Peter Carras, Jon Smith, Judy Schall, Dhundi Pokhrel, Heather Schall Lucas, Dave Sevick, David Szymanski, Aidan Honnold and other helpful hands are among the volunteers and user group helpers who meet each Friday through Computer Reach to provide a much-needed service to the Pittsburgh community and the world beyond.

Aside from filling local needs in the Pittsburgh area, when natural disasters strike, volunteers place second-hand computers in grateful hands, including recipients in Mississippi, Louisana, and Texas. Internationally, the volunteers have made a difference by providing recycled computers to places where second-hand computers are highly sought and appreciated, including sites in Malaysia, parts of Africa, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Have they made a difference? Since the program started, they have re-imaged and refurbished over 4,378 Macs for reuse. Wow!

Volunteer with Computer Reach in Pittsburgh.

Learn about the pghMac’s program.

Visit the County of Westmoreland Macintosh User Group.




DVMUG: Film Fests and Summer Christmas Picnics

The Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group (DVMUG) has busy times ahead. The group does not meet in December, so they thoughtfully host their annual Christmas picnic in July. Then, July 31 marks the deadline for film submissions to this year’s Film Fest.

A few weeks later, on August 20, the group will enjoy their most recent Film Fest in the deluxe settings of the Peacock Theater, Walnut Creek, California, featuring films by the Rossmoor and Diablo Valley Mac User Groups, and the Rossmoor Camera Club.  Come for the films, stay for the wine-and-cheese awards ceremony in the adjacent Fireside Room. Better yet, admission to the event is free.

Learn about the Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group.

Visit the Rossmoor MAC Users Group.

Check out the DVMUG/RMUG 2012 FIlm Fest page.

123Macmini Dot Com: A Gathering of Mac Mini Fans

We are all familiar with groups devoted to our favorite software, special interests or even geographic location. Did you know that there is a place where Mac mini users can meet to share tips, compare Mac mini mods and concepts, examine Mac mini accessories, post photos and offer troubleshooting guidance? With over 16,500 registered users, there are posts to suit Mac mini lovers of all sorts.

Check it out.

Visit the forums.

MacGroup Detroit: Favorite iPad and iPhone Apps

On July 21st officers and members will review their favorite iPad and iPhone Apps. When Terry White founded MacGroup Detroit on August 24 in 1986, none of the group could have foreseen how it would change and expand. From a BBS with over 500 registered members (serving both local members and those at a distance), to a YouTube channel for sharing meeting presentations, to multiple SIGs and more, the members and officers of MacGroup Detroit have kept the excitement going through hard work and a friendly atmosphere.

MacGroup on Facebook regularly offers reviews and ideas.

Check out the MacGroup members-only BBS.

Visit MacGroup Detroit.