Fun Memories: Apple DOS Source Code at the Computer History Museum

Lynn Wegley, one half of the team that writes the popular InfoManager Newsletter and long time User Group volunteer, recently posted a link to a great article on the history of Apple DOS, a complete operating system written in seven (yep, only seven) weeks that changed the face of computing. Better yet, Apple gave the Computer History Museum permission to publish that first system’s source code and accompanying documentation as part of the museum’s Software Gems: The Computer History Museum Historical Source Code series. What were you doing in 1978? Apple was bringing their first mass-market computer to a lucky few. What would they think if they could see today’s products?

Read the article.

Check out InfoManager, co-edited by Lynn Wegley and founder Fred Showker.

 (Thanks for the fun link Lynn!)

Apple User Group Taiwan Taipei: Nokimi Presents Xiaoping Guo Lecture

The officers and members of AppleUser of Taipei, Taiwan, enjoyed a special event on October 18, when WearApps products were featured in a presentation and educational session by founder and developer Nokimi, author of the popular Instacram app. The group learned developer secrets to iOS success and enjoyed a day together.

Learn about AppleUser (The site provides some great pictures of the group as well).

Visit AppleUser on Facebook.

See pictures from Nokimi’s Presentation at the Xiaoping Guo Lecture event.

(Special thanks to Editor Andre Lin for this great tip!)


Apple Corps of Dallas: 35 Years of Excellence

At the 400th meeting of the Apple Corps of Dallas (ACD), a founding member, Ray Thompson, presented a wonderful look at 33 years of computing. Now the group has reached its 35th year and is going strong, with meeting attendance running around 70 attendees. At their December meeting ACD will be honoring some of the group’s founding members and those who have contributed so much to the group’s success. How many groups can say that they still keep in touch with four or more of their founders?

Still, the group is as involved with current trends in technology as they are proud of their history. In fact, their web pages reflect a certain OS we know and love.

Dallas Apple Corps Today:

Ray Thompson’s Presentation Link:

(Thanks to Apple User Group Ambassador Walt Smith for this great news!)

Apple Core of Siouxland: Apple Products Review and Party

On November 19th the officers and members of the Apple Core of Siouxland will host their annual Apple Products Review and Christmas Party Potluck. Members bring in their own new Apple products for hands-on and demonstration, followed by a community potluck. Interestingly, along with their annual Apple Product Review, the group has instituted iPad nights to share ideas and tips.

Apple Core of Siouxland, with meeting attendees from South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.

(Thanks to Apple User Group Ambassador Joe Colby for this tip!)

IMUG: An International Emphasis

In the fall of 1987, Yuan Ho and Seth Schneider met in a local Palo Alto, CA, Apple Computer dealer store, starting with shared interests in Macintosh computers, international topics and translation, and later obtaining sponsorship from Standford University to start the Stanford Macintosh User Group International Special Interest Group.

Over time members changed and the group’s name changed too, but the group’s international focus stayed the same. A love of Apple products stayed the same as well. This month’s meeting, on October 17 at the Google campus, is titled Cloud-based Translation Management Systems for Start-Up LSPs and Freelancer Groups, showing both their tradition of attention to current technologies and their reliance on the group’s roots. Congrats to the International Multilingual User Group (IMUG) for 26 years of computing!

Check them out.

Visit their archives, showing a bit of the group’s past.


ACPPUG: Southeast Creative Summit

From Friday, October 25, through Sunday, October 27, the officers and members of the Atlanta Cutters Post Production User Group will host their first Southeast Creative Summit. The group is looking to fill an interesting need: while many user groups focus on the software and hardware that makes digital interactions fascinating and sometimes profitable, an equally important focus is on the how-to instructions that can make a difference between an office filled with impressive products and an office that produces amazing work across applications using those products.

Sessions will include Color Grading, 4k, VFX, Sound, Business, Photography, Music, Producing, Film making, Aerial Photography, Audio Post, High Frame Rate Acquisition, Social Media and more. Better yet, the presenter list is amazing.

Attend and Learn.

Visit the Atlanta Cutters Post Production User Group.

(Thanks to Claudia Crask and the SF Cutters group for this great tip!)




LA Web Professionals Group: Terry White’s Tips and Techniques

Terry White, founder and president of MacGroup-Detroit, long-time Macworld presenter, columnist, author, photographer, Adobe Worldwide Design Evangelist, Podcaster and more, will be speaking at the LA Web Professionals Group on October 30th in the heart of Hollywood. The title of his presentation is Photoshop Tricks & Techniques Deep Dive, so you can be sure that this is going to be a great evening.

Be there.

Double Fun: Breen and Smith Present at HAAUG

On October 19th members and officers of the Houston Area Apple Users Group (HAAUG) will host MacWorld senior editor Chris Breen, at the Bellaire Civic Center. In addition to his MacWorld work, Breen is the author of The iPhone Pocket Guide, 6th edition and a popular instructor for User groups worldwide appreciate his Mac 911 columns and MacWorld podcasts, and Macworld Expo attendees enjoy his musical talents as well. Looking for Apple insights? This is one meeting you won’t want to miss!

Looking for fun in December too? Doug Smith, Apple User Group Regional Liaison and Macworld User Group team member, presents on December 14: his preso will be the perfect preparation for folk with last-minute holiday shopping tasks.

Be there.

MacCamp: Hands-On Learning With SMUG and MIAMUG

On November 9, members from the Saginaw Michigan Users Group (SMUG) and Mac-in-Awe MUG (MIAMUG), and guests, will once again gather for fun, learning and sharing. MacCamp is all about “hands-on” learning and the two groups alternate MacCamp locations, with November’s MacCamp being held in Midland. Bring your own laptop or gather round the many that are in use. Ask questions and get answers or help. Be there to join in the fun.


Mac-in-Awe MUG

Saginaw Macintosh Users Group

Melbourne Internet Macintosh User Group: iMovie 11

On Tuesday, September 24, the officers and members of the Melbourne Internet Macintosh User Group (iMUG) will gather at Streetwise Software in Hawthorn for their monthly meeting. After a general meeting at 6:30 p.m., the group will break for dinner, followed by an iMovie 11 presentation by Terry Bennet of Streetwise Software. The presentation offers an in-depth look at iMovie 11, including templates, integration with iTunes and iPhoto, making raw footage look polished, and so much more.

Expert or Novice, you will learn something new by listening to Terry’s presentation.