October’s Featured Vendor: IGG Software, Makers of iBank 5

Founded by Ian G. Gillespie (IGG), IGG Software is a small company with a focus on creating applications for Apple desktop and mobile devices that help users pay their bills, manage their money and plan for their futures.

iBank 5 offers a comprehensive way to plan, compare and manage your financial well being, including tracking and analyzing your accounts and investments, simplifying your transactions, visualizing your finances, and supporting your tax and investment activities. Click for MORE information. (more…)

Overview: UGAB’s Featured Vendor Program

Our new Vendor Program highlights and connects vendors and speakers who want to spread the word about their products and services with clubs who want interesting and informative meeting presentations and opportunities. Each month we will feature at least one vendor who has agreed to provide meeting materials and support in the form of videos, FaceTime or Skype teleconferences, in-person presentations, demo scripts, free products or other means.

We are starting the program out by highlighting IGG Software, maker of iBank and long-time user group supporter. IGG’s presentation ideas include links to a library of product videos, tutorials and more.

Check out this month’s featured vendor!

News to Use: “How To” Offers Help

Group officers face similar challenges and often come up with elegant answers. Wouldn’t it be great to have these group’s collective wisdom just a few clicks away? Starting in July, we added a new feature called How To, composed of articles offering guidance for some of the processes we all face. The first in the series was How To: Presenting iOS at User Group Meetings.

Have a How To that could help other groups? Want to suggest a topic that needs coverage? Let us know at ugab@mac.com

How To: Presenting iOS at User Group Meetings


News to Use: ASW and ASTO for Ambassadors

Need a quick presentation for your group’s meeting? Apple Sales Web (ASW) offers your group’s ambassador downloadable presentations and fact sheets that your group can use. The topics range from applications such as the new iOS to hardware such as the newest iPhones to topics that include Apple and the Environment. Click on the Presentations tab at the top of your ASW screen and you are sure to find a presentation to fit your group’s interests.

Accounts are limited to one ambassador per recognized Apple user group.

Apple Sales Web: https://asw.apple.com