February’s Featured Vendor: AgileBits and 1Password


AgileBits is a much-loved supporter of the user group community because they make security simple. Their newest version of 1Password, 1Password 5 for Mac, is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with your web browser to automatically log you into websites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms and easily generate strong passwords, and so much more.



March’s Featured Vendor: Plum Amazing, LLC.


Plum Amazing is a group of people who are both skilled in, and very enthusiastic about, technology. Although their team members are dispersed around the world, they work together on a variety of projects that benefit users in amazing ways. You probably have heard great reviews about a number of their products, including X-Mirage that mirrors iOS devices on your Mac, Speech Maker that provides a mobile teleprompter on your iOS device and more, iWatermark to protect your creations, and so many more highly-reviewed applications. They offer applications to fit any budget and solutions to many everyday challenges.


How-To: Using the Featured Vendor Presentation Program

The Apple User Group Resource Team introduced a new vendor program a few months ago. User group leaders who used our vendor program in the past saw it as a discount offer based program. This aspect of our vendor program still exists. In revitalizing this program, we had one goal. It was to offer user groups presentation resources from vendors to use for meetings. The idea was a “meeting-in-a-box.” The vendor could provide the needed information in print material, online presentations, video tutorials, or remote presentations. So how do you take advantage to the program? This how-to will take you through the process of using the program, working with the vendors in the program and using the resource materials offered.