July’s Featured Vendors: CS Odessa and ConceptDraw

logo_csodessa CS Odessa offers a range of products that support your organization’s planning, implementation and  communication workflows. Their ConceptDraw Office v3 is a productivity suite of three products that  support OS  X 10.10 (Yosemite) and OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). The suite includes ConceptDraw PRO v10 for business graphics and diagramming; ConceptDraw MINDMAP v8 for note taking, organizing, building processes, and project planning; and ConceptDraw PROJECT v7 for project and resource management. If you are looking for a world-class diagramming platform with over 1,000 ready-to-use samples and templates, a versatile, yet easy-to-use tool for organizing ideas and data, or a full-featured project management solution, ConceptDraw has what you need.


How To: Presenting the Apple Watch at User Group Meetings

Since Apple introduced the Apple Watch, many members are eager to know more about the basics. Most groups are used to presenting on a projector or flat screen television. In a previous how-to, we discussed how to present iOS at user group meetings. But the Apple Watch does not have any built in features that easily allow us to share the screen interface. So, how do you present the Apple Watch then? With some new hardware and software tools, along with some previous tools, we will get you prepared for presenting and showing off the Apple Watch at your user group meetings. (more…)

How To: Volunteers, Communities and User Groups by Rick Ortiz

Over the years, some of the best ideas for user group leadership have come from the worldwide community of user group officers, the hard working leaders and experts who ensure that their groups survive and thrive.

One of this month’s topics comes from a User Group Leadership Conference hosted in Boston back in 2004. Rick Ortiz, currently chair of the Apple User Group Advisory Board, Apple consultant, and long-time user group officer of the Maui Apple Users Society offered insights about volunteers, communities and user groups.

Community and groups by Rick Ortiz

Thanks Rick!

Meeting Ideas: iTunes U 3.0 and OS X El Capitan

Need a presentation for your group’s next meeting? Ask your group’s ambassador about Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO). From prepackaged demos to Apple materials that you can use to create customized presentations, ASTO has it all.

In the last week, ASW has downloads that can provide the materials for a presentation for your next meeting. iTunes U 3.0 (L513935C-en_US) provides an overview of the benefits of iTunes U 3.0 and a walk-through of screens showing key features. OS X El Capitan (L533145A-en_US) provides product information for the newest OS. There is even a clever Quick Training: Redecorating with iPad (L541089A-en_US), because your iPad can be a powerful companion for renovating and redecorating a home.

Ambassadors: July is a great month to check in with ASTO!

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