September’s Featured Vendor: TidBITS and Take Control Books

take_control_logo_2In early 1990, Adam and Tonya Engst founded TidBITS. A little over 25 years later, they are still providing the weekly insights, news, tips and guidance that their wide-spread readership enjoys. In fact, TidBITS is so popular that volunteers translate their weekly articles into Dutch and Japanese for their worldwide readership.

By the time Adam and Tonya began Take Control ebooks, they had authored or edited more than 25 traditional books and written hundreds of magazine articles for major Mac magazines. And, they’d spent the last 15 years gaining experience in Internet publishing with TidBITS, their Web site (updated quite often) and weekly email newsletter about Apple and Internet topics. These experiences helped them develop the Take Control model, which results in highly practical ebooks that cover much more detail than a magazine article but that are shorter, more focused, and more timely than a typical printed book. Better yet, they are author driven, bringing the best technical writers and the best ideas to press quickly and efficiently. The Take Control ebooks bring you savvy, real-world advice on how to get the most out of your Apple devices and software.


Special Offer – Take Control Books: 30% Discount on All Ebooks


No matter what Apple devices you’re using, there’s a Take Control ebook that will help you polish your skills, work more efficiently, and increase your productivity.  Written by the most-trusted names in the Mac world and published by Adam and Tonya Engst of TidBITS, Take Control ebooks provide the technical help you need now. Remember, there’s no need to read a Take Control title from front to back; instead, each book has a Quick Start that helps you jump instantly to the information you need.

All Take Control titles are DRM-free and available in PDF, EPUB and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats, so you can read wherever, whenever and on whatever device you like.

Take Control has books that will help with numerous Apple-related technology tasks and projects, including:

* Converting from iPhoto to Photos
* Figuring out what the heck iTunes 12 is up to
* Maintaining an AirPort-based Wi-Fi network
* Installing and running OS X Server
* Syncing and sharing files with Dropbox
* Enjoying your Apple Watch

An exclusive 30% off their already low prices is offered to Apple user group members on all Take Control ebooks.

Take Control books:

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Meeting Ideas: New iPhones, iPad Pro, Apple TV and Cooking with iPad

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This month, why not check out an ASW presentation on the newest iPhones (L518920A-en_US), iPad Pro – First Look (L542412A-en_US) and Apple TV (3rd Generation) – First Look (L513212A-en_US), all published in the last week, so that you know the information is the current. ASTO even offers quick overviews that can be a “value add” to any meeting. For example, consider showingQuick Training: Cooking with iPad (L540977A-en_US ) at your next meeting. It cover the benefits of using an iPad in the kitchen.

Ambassadors: September is a great month to check in with ASW and ASTO!

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