Nicholas Pyers Presents: Working with Presenters After the Event

Nicholas Pyers of offers the fourth installment of his Dealing with Presenters series. While the first article covered Approaching Potential Presenters, the second offered tips for Confirming Presenters, and the third talked about Working with Presenters On the Night, the fourth, Working with Presenters After the Event, is especially interesting because it explains what your group should do after the presentation. As he notes, most groups do not engage in these important actions – actions that can can have an important effect on your group’s relationship with current and potential presenters.

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What is an Apple User Group Ambassador?

As a leader for your user group, you may have seen some benefits and vendor offers listed throughout our site. The question that most often comes up from user groups, is how they can take advantage of these benefits. The answer is by having an Apple User Group Ambassador.

An Apple User Group Ambassador is the role assigned to one individual from each recognized Apple User Group in the Apple User Group Locator (database). Leaders from each user group choose a member from their group who will serve in this role. The Ambassador for the group serves as the link and primary contact to the Apple User Group program.

What benefits does your user group receive from having an Apple User Group Ambassador? Below is a list and links to items to  assist your groups ambassador.

Apple Sales Web (ASW) – ASW provides Ambassadors with access to the latest Apple product information, PDF print- outs, and Keynote presentation resources that you can integrate into your meetings.
Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO) – ASTO allows Ambassadors to stay up to date on Apple products and information by taking courses and earning points. ASTO courses can help you to prepare presentations for your meetings.
Apple User Group Bulletin (AUGB) – A monthly newsletter for user group leaders with a summary of the latest news, vendor discount offers and announcements for the Apple User Group community.
Apple User Group Discussion List (AUGD) – An Apple email discussion list where you can ask questions and interact with other user group leaders from around the world.
User Group How-To Articles – These are topics specifically geared towards leaders in assisting them with their user group.
User Group Vendor Discount Offers – Short-term discounts on new and proven products offered exclusively to user group leaders and members

If your group does not have an ambassador, leadership has changed, or you want to find out more about the ambassador program, a guide for user group ambassadors can be found here. If you need further assistance, visit our support site and a user group support team member can assist you.

How To: Stimulate Questions (and Answers) at User Group Meetings

Written By Tom Piper

Our members are often too timid to ask questions at meetings because they’re afraid it might appear “dumb” or embarrassing. We just started a new way to elicit questions in advance of our monthly meetings which has become very successful.

Five days before each meeting, we email a notice to all members which reminds them of the topic, location and website information. Now, we have added the following:

(see NEW requests below . . . the iTunes card drawing will offered ONLY to those responding with questions)

• Meeting Question, what do you need to know?

(to submit, just highlight the Meeting Question above, click Reply, enter your questions, and click Send to email back your responses BEFORE January 5)

This has produced about a dozen questions for each meeting. These questions are projected on the screen for easy viewing, and the responses by our “gurus” often stimulate other related questions from attendees.

We are so pleased that this technique has gotten more people involved, and many warm comments have been offered afterwards.

For more information, feel free to visit our website at, or contact me directly at

Meeting Ideas: Everything changes with iPad

Need a presentation for your group’s next meeting? Ask your group’s ambassador about Apple Sales Web (ASW) and Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO). From prepackaged demos to Apple materials that you can use to create customized presentations, ASW and ASTO have it all.

This month, take a look at the “Everything changes with iPad” campaign, highlighting how iPad—together with incredible apps from the App Store—can change the way users can do what’s important to them every day. Go to ASW and click on the Quick Training button to see what’s on offer.

Topics include:


Meeting Ideas: Consider an Apple In-Store Workshop

If your group is looking for an interesting meeting, why not try one of the current Apple in-store workshops? There are topics for everyone, from newbies to long-time users, and the workshops are free. Use the links at the bottom of this article to locate the workshops in your area.

Along with introductory-level workshops for people who are new to iPad, Apple Watch, or iMac, here are a few of the topics on offer in January: (more…)