April’s Featured Vendor: Nisus Software, Inc.

nisusNisus Software, Inc. has been delighting users almost as long as the Mac has been around. In fact, Nisus (pronouced Nice Us) Software Inc. was founded back in 1983 as a software development company named Paragon Courseware. In 1993, the name was changed to Nisus Software, Inc. due to the name recognition of their popular word processor, Nisus Writer. Today, Nisus Writer Pro is a powerful and elegant word processor for OS X. An intuitive interface, powerful writing tools, and unmatched compatibility make Nisus Writer Pro the choice of serious writers everywhere.

Nisus Writer Pro starts with an intuitive, customizable interface that allows you to write how you want to write. Create great looking documents quickly using their exclusive style sheet view. Polish documents with their sophisticated, yet easy to use tools, including powerful find (including regular expressions), or add shapes and call outs using the drawing tools. Collaborate with others using track changes and comments that are compatible with Microsoft Word. You can write in just about any language supported in OS X (including right to left languages) thanks to the multilingual support built into Pro.

This month Nisus has a wealth of materials, including a number of short YouTube videos, that can make for a great meeting presentation. Better yet, check out this month’s offers for a special offer that can make your meeting even better! No matter what you write, from a simple letter to a sophisticated thesis, Nisus Writer Pro will allow you to create stunning documents with ease. 


Social Media and User Groups: An Introduction

By Rick Ortiz, Apple User Group Advisory Board Chair

Apple User Groups are a place for individuals with similar technology interests to meet and network with each other and make connections. Typically user groups meet in person on a monthly basis at a designated location to discuss topics related to Apple products. User groups were the first stage of social media. What social media has done, is take the in-person networking of people and bring it online into the internet digital world, allowing for a broader connection for individuals and groups.

If user groups served as the foundation for what social media has become, then it is important for user groups to continue to evolve and allow their network of members to make connections online as well. There are a number of social media resources available to user groups. We will take a look at some of the more popular online social media resources, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We will discuss what each one offers and how it can benefit your group. (more…)

Meeting Ideas: Shoot, Edit, and Share 4K Videos on iPhone

Need a presentation for your group’s next meeting? Ask your group’s ambassador about Apple Sales Web (ASW) and Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO). From prepackaged demos to Apple materials that you can use to create customized presentations, ASW and ASTO have it all.

This month, take a look at “Shoot, Edit, and Share 4K Videos on iPhone,” highlighting the benefits of, and techniques for, shooting, editing, and sharing 4K videos with iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. (L543520A-en_US, Apr 6, 2016). This could make for a short and fun meeting presentation.

Ambassadors: April is a great month to check out ASTO and ASW!

Apple Sales Web

Nicholas Pyers Presents: Don’t Carry the Burden Alone!

auo-logo-full-steel-greyDoes your group rely on a small group of long-time volunteers for every task? Groups often lose members when individuals feel like they are being asked to single-handedly carry a large portion of the group’s work. In February, Nicholas Pyers of AppleUsers.org offered some wise advice on how to share the burden by bringing more members into the circle. A quick read will show that his plan is both workable and a great way to build community within your group. Check it out, and while you are there, check out his many other valuable tips for running your group: http://www.appleusers.org/ugr/dont-carry-the-burden-alone/