Meeting Ideas: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Logic Pro X

Are your members interested in how the Touch Bar increases productivity? Whether your members are simply interested in music, produce tracks in a professional studio or are somewhere in between, Logic Pro X on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar offers all the tools needed to create, edit and deliver the best, right on your Mac. ASW has new demos this month, including the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Top Features Demo Guide (L548533A-en_US) and Logic Pro X – Product Presentation (L549787A-en_US) that could make for an interesting meeting.

Ambassadors: March is a great month to check out ASW!

Third Annual Macstock Conference: July 15 – 16 in Woodstock IL

Macstock Conference & Expo 2017 is an event for folks who use and love Apple products. But Macstock is a different sort of Apple-related event. It’s smaller. It’s grassroots. And it’s entirely about the Apple community!

Building on the success of the first and second Macstock events, the Conference and Expo will feature more than 20 speakers, a new MyMac Game Show Quiz, Deeper Dives sessions and Barry’s Midwest Mac Mingle. 

Your ticket to Macstock gives you access to a full weekend of activities. Better yet, use the code below to get a special discount on each ticket you buy. (more…)