Special Offer – Sparkle website builder: 20% Discount

Sparkle is a modern visual website design tool for everybody. It combines an all-in-one approach, an understandable interface and a focus on producing high performance and search engine optimized websites. Creating your website with Sparkle is easy, intuitive and fun. A drag-and-drop and highly visual interface places elements on a page with full freedom, similar to Keynote and Pages. Learn more at https://sparkleapp.com.

Regular pricing for Sparkle is $39.99 (US) for a single site, Sparkle Pro is $79.99 (US) for unlimited sites, Sparkle Multi-User license is $119.99 (unlimited, up to five Macs), or Sparkle Business 5-Pack is $249.99 (unlimited, up to five co-workers in a company). Using the discount link gives Apple user group members a 20% discount.

See your user group Ambassador for discount link.

This worldwide offer is valid through September 30, 2017.