Special Offer – Sparkle website builder: 20% Discount

Sparkle is a modern visual website design tool for everybody. It combines an all-in-one approach, an understandable interface and a focus on producing high performance and search engine optimized websites. Creating your website with Sparkle is easy, intuitive and fun. A drag-and-drop and highly visual interface places elements on a page with full freedom, similar to Keynote and Pages. Learn more at https://sparkleapp.com.

Regular pricing for Sparkle is $39.99 (US) for a single site, Sparkle Pro is $79.99 (US) for unlimited sites, Sparkle Multi-User license is $119.99 (unlimited, up to five Macs), or Sparkle Business 5-Pack is $249.99 (unlimited, up to five co-workers in a company). Using the discount link gives Apple user group members a 20% discount.

See your user group Ambassador for discount link.

This worldwide offer is valid through September 30, 2017.

Meeting Idea: Swift Playgrounds

Part of having a successful user group is having great content to present at meetings. Some groups are able to get guest speakers, products demonstrations, and even remote presentations. But for some groups that is not always logistically possible. Over the last few months we have featured Apple podcasts, Today at Apple, Apple Teacher, Keynotes, and Apple Sales Web, five incredible resources to help groups create enjoyable meetings and educate members. This month we will look at a sixth great resource, Swift Playgrounds.


Featured Vendor: Joe Kissell of Joe on Tech and Take Control Books

This month’s featured vendor is Joe Kissell of alt concepts, co-publisher (with his wife Morgen Jahnke) of Joe on Tech and Take Control Books, a senior contributor to Macworld, prolific author and long time user group supporter. Joe On Tech guides provide friendly, comprehensive and up-to-date advice on important tech topics. Take Control ebooks cover much more detail than a magazine article but are shorter, more focused, and more timely than a typical printed book. Joe is Take Control’s most prolific author and you probably have at least a few of his works already.