Special Offer – Moneyspire Personal Finance Software: 30% Discount

Moneyspire Inc is a U.S. personal finance software company specializing in user friendly, yet powerful, personal finance applications. Moneyspire has all the features one needs to manage their money, and is very easy to learn and use. Moneyspire is an excellent alternative to Quicken, and users can easily move their Quicken data over to Moneyspire if they would like. Learn more at http://www.moneyspire.com.

Regular prices for Moneyspire personal finance software range from $39.99 to $119.99 (US). Using the coupon code gives Apple user group members 30% off their software purchase from the Moneyspire store.

Get Moneyspire at: http://www.moneyspire.com/purchase

See your user group Ambassador for discount code.

This worldwide offer is valid through November 17, 2017.

Featured Vendor: Joe Kissell of Joe on Tech and Take Control Books

This month’s featured vendor is Joe Kissell of alt concepts, co-publisher (with his wife Morgen Jahnke) of Joe on Tech and Take Control Books, a senior contributor to Macworld, prolific author and long time user group supporter. Joe On Tech guides provide friendly, comprehensive and up-to-date advice on important tech topics. Take Control ebooks cover much more detail than a magazine article but are shorter, more focused, and more timely than a typical printed book. Joe is Take Control’s most prolific author and you probably have at least a few of his works already. (more…)

Nicholas Pyers Presents: Avoid Presentation Disasters 2017

auo-logo-full-steel-greyOne way to avoid a presentation disaster is planning ahead for a presentation kit. This month, Nicholas Pyers of AppleUsers.org offers us an updated look at the cables, adaptors and accessories that any group conducting presentations on regular basis should consider having on hand. By being prepared, you can be sure that if your presenter arrives with the wrong, or no, cable or adapter, the show will go on. Check it out!


Ever wonder what Nicholas is doing when he is not writing for the user group community? While his new cruise tips and commentary blog is coming soon, be sure to check out some of his current projects.

Petes Hobby Railway – guest article

Junee Rhythm and Rail Festival Inc.

Meeting Idea: Swift Playgrounds

Part of having a successful user group is having great content to present at meetings. Some groups are able to get guest speakers, products demonstrations, and even remote presentations. But for some groups that is not always logistically possible. Over the last few months we have featured Apple podcasts, Today at Apple, Apple Teacher, Keynotes, and Apple Sales Web, five incredible resources to help groups create enjoyable meetings and educate members. This month we will look at a sixth great resource, Swift Playgrounds.


Welcome: CSUSB Macintosh User Group and Swifters – Greece College Swift Playground Group

It is always fun to see new groups and new interests in the Apple User Group Locator. The CSUSB Macintosh User Group of Cal State University, Santa Barbara, is comprised of members of their information technology community on campus. Swifters –  Greece College Swift Playground Group are from the University of the Aegean, a university with multiple campus sites throughout Greece. Welcome to the community!