Special Offer – Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount

Opus ][ is a complete collection of The Byte Works’ programming tools, resources, compilers, tutorials, and documentation for the Apple II computer. Consumer applications such as the Quick Click spreadsheet, morph program, and movie player for the Apple IIGS are included, as are 35 book-length manuals and guides. Download the utilities package for $25, or with their source code (over a million lines of code!) for $40 total. Apple user group members get a 25% discount by entering the discount code during checkout.
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Purchase the complete collection:  https://juiced.gs/store/category/software/
This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Special Offer – Extended through December 31, 2016 – EverWeb by RAGE Software: 50% Discount

EverwebEverWeb is an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder. No coding, and no web building experience is required to get your beautiful website up and running. If you have ever used Apple’s now discontinued iWeb, your transition to EverWeb will be a breeze. EverWeb’s user interface, and most of its functionality, is very similar to iWeb. Build a website either from scratch using a blank canvas, or modify one of the many professionally designed built-in templates.

EverWeb is available as a standalone application for $79.95(US), or with a hosting account that allows you to publish your website without any FTP information for $99.95(US). Apple user group members can now purchase either version at 50% off (not applicable to renewals and/or upgrades). You can try EverWeb free of charge before purchasing. EverWeb also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence.

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To download or purchase EverWeb, please visit http://www.everwebapp.com

This worldwide offer has been extended until December 31, 2016.

Special Offer – Take Control Books: 30% Discount on All Ebooks


No matter what Apple devices you’re using, there’s a Take Control ebook that will help you polish your skills, work more efficiently, and increase your productivity.  Written by the most-trusted names in the Mac world and published by Adam and Tonya Engst of TidBITS, Take Control ebooks provide the technical help you need now. Remember, there’s no need to read a Take Control title from front to back; instead, each book has a Quick Start that helps you jump instantly to the information you need.

All Take Control titles are DRM-free and available in PDF, EPUB and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats, so you can read wherever, whenever and on whatever device you like.

Take Control has books that will help with numerous Apple-related technology tasks and projects, including:

* Converting from iPhoto to Photos
* Figuring out what the heck iTunes 12 is up to
* Maintaining an AirPort-based Wi-Fi network
* Installing and running OS X Server
* Syncing and sharing files with Dropbox
* Enjoying your Apple Watch

An exclusive 30% off their already low prices is offered to Apple user group members on all Take Control ebooks.

Take Control books:  http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/catalog

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TidBITS: http://www.tidbits.com

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Special Offer – Joe On Tech Guides: 20% Discount on All Books

JJoT-280x140Joe On Tech guides help you make the most of technology. These books, written by best-selling author Joe Kissell, help you determine the best technological solutions to common problems, improve your tech skills, and develop a better relationship with your Mac and other digital tools. Joe On Tech ebooks are available for immediate download in PDF (best for Macs and iPads), EPUB (best for iBooks on iOS), and Mobipocket (for Kindle) formats, as well as paperback.
Apple user group members get a 20% on all Joe On Tech guides.

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Joe On Tech: http://joeontech.net/

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Special Offer – Other World Computing: Discounts up to 50% off

owc-sliderOther World Computing (OWC) has been providing quality hardware products and support to the computer industry since 1988 and features one of the largest online catalogs of computer, iPod, iPhone, and iPad enhancement products through its e-commerce portal. For more information, visit www.macsales.com.

OWC is offering very special discount pricing to Apple user group members on Mac accessories, parts and external storage, as well as used Macs of all kinds. You’ll find cables, keyboards, SSDs, Thunderbolt products and external storage. OWC also sells used iMacs, Mac Pros, MacBooks and Mac minis – check the website for great prices and availability.

One of the things OWC is known for is their extensive collection of how-to videos – videos on how to install a new SSD, add memory, and many other tasks. It’s generally easier to do than anyone may think.

See your user group Ambassador for the discount link.

OWC plans to introduce other products to the discount program in the future, and appreciates Apple user group member business.

This worldwide offer is valid through January 1, 2016.

Special Offer – Plum Amazing products: 30% Discount

plumamazingflatPlum Amazing, LLC is a U.S.-based (but international) company specializing in iPhone, mobile, Mac, and other software applications. It has a wonderful range of Mac products including iWatermark, X-Mirage, yType, CopyPaste Pro, PixelStick, iClock, iKey, TinyAlarm, Time Tracking, TinyCal, MountWatcher, PhotoMatte and others. For iOS it also has iWatermark, SpeechMaker, StreamKit, Expenses, Galactic Pool, Cures A-Z, and Yoga Sutras. Learn more at http://plumamazing.com.

Regular prices for Plum Amazing software range from $7-$30 (US). Using the coupon code gives Apple user group members 30% off all of these products.

Get Plum Amazing products at:

See your user group Ambassador for discount code.

This worldwide offer is valid through December 31, 2015.

Special Offer – Boom 2 Volume Booster: 50% Discount for Upgraders


If you find the volume on your Mac too low, Global Delight has the perfect app for that. With just a click, Boom 2 not only amplifies the audio of your system, but also enhances your experience while watching movies, listening to music, on a Skype call or listening to songs on your iPhone/iPod.

For more info about Boom 2: http://www.globaldelight.com/boom/

With a regular retail price of $14.99 (US), the Apple user group special price for Boom 1 users is only $7.49 (US).

See your user group Ambassador for discount code.

Global Delight Online Store: http://www.globaldelight.com/store

This worldwide offer is valid through December 31, 2015.

Special Offer – MacProVideo: Three months for 99¢

mpv_logomacProVideo.com is a leading producer of high quality tutorial-videos that show people how to use popular Mac software. They are focused on educating new users to help them become better Mac users.

macProVideo.com is offering a huge discount for Apple user group members: 99¢ (US) for three months of great tutorials, usually $25 (US) per month.

See your user group Ambassador for discount code.

This worldwide offer is valid through December 31, 2015.

Special Offer – *Update* AgileBits 1Password 5 and more: 25% Discount


Too many passwords to remember? 1Password 5 for Mac, newly released for OS 10.10 Yosemite, is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with your web browser to automatically log you into websites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms, and easily generate strong passwords.
1Password purchased from the AgileBits webstore supports syncing via DropBox and WiFi.

As an Apple user group member, you are entitled to get new licenses of 1Password for Mac at 25% below the normal retail price. You also get a 25% discount on new licenses for everything else in the AgileBits store.

Using an older operating system? No worries! By purchasing a 1Password 5 for Mac license you also receive a 1Password 4 and 1Password 3 for Mac license. 1Password 4 works with OS 10.9 Mavericks and 10.8 Mountain Lion, and 1Password 3 supports OS 10.7 Lion and OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

You can download both 1Password 4 and 1Password 3 for Mac from the Legacy section at the bottom of the Agilebits downloads page: https://agilebits.com/downloads. Note that 1Password 4 for Mac will use the same license file as 1Password 5 for Mac uses.

See your user group Ambassador for discount link.

This worldwide offer is ongoing.