Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini, the French Brutal Deluxe Software programming team known for countless original Apple II programs and archiving efforts, will be the Keynote speakers as KansasFest 2017 celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Apple II. Remember The Tinies, Cogito, Blockade and LemminGS? They have continued to write and this year Antoine and Olivier published demonstrations and tools for playing quadraphonic and octaphonic sound on the Apple IIgs.

With hands-on workshops, a podcast recording session, The Tinies game tournaments, and so much more, there are experiences to be had and memories to be made at KansasFest. With space limited to 100 attendees, you will meet new friends, learn new things, and remember the golden age of the Apple II. Take it from past attendees: You will be more than glad that you attended.

Be part of the action: Kansas City, Missouri from July 18 – 23

Check out the audio diary of last year’s KansasFest 2016 on the Floppy Days Podcast.

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