Looking for a short presentation for your group? In the last month, Apple has introduced a new 9.7-inch iPad, major updates to iWork, and new colors and styles for Apple accessories. The good news is that ASW has an entire section dedicated to iPads (L503112A-en_US), including iPad – First Look (L575790A-en_US ) and iPad – Then and Now (L575791A-en_US). ASW also has a section covering the newest version of iWork (iWork on ASW: L540974A-en_US).

Interested in HomePod? ASTO offers a HomePod Top Features Demo Guide (L574990A-en_US) and HomePod – Product Presentation (L574599A-en_US) to help your members learn about the key features and benefits of HomePod.

Ambassadors: April is a great month to use Apple resources for your meetings.