Special Offer – TeamsID, a Password Manager for Teams: 33% Discount

teamsidTeamsID is a San Francisco based software company specializing in password management and encrypted document storage. With over a million individual users, SplashData, the parent company of TeamsID has been doing password management for 15 years. They are happy to be working with the Mac user group and hope to convert you to a lifetime user of their product.

Public pricing is usually $3 (U.S.) per user per month, but for Apple User Groups, TeamsID is extending a lifetime discount of 33%. Please note that every user gets their own “My Records” inside of TeamsID, which is a personal password manager that no one else has access to.

Get TeamsID at https://app.teamsid.com/create

See your user group Ambassador for discount password. (You will first get a 14-day free trial, after which entry of the Coupon Code during purchase will yield the discount.)

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Leader Special Offer – Gumdrop Cases for Review

gumdropcasesGumdrop Cases provides ruggedized cases for iPads, MacBooks, iPhones and more. Designed with durable protection that can withstand repeated 6-foot falls, Gumdrop’s cases are rapidly becoming one of the leading solutions to keep your tech safe from damage at home, school and work. Learn more at gumdropcases.com.

One free evaluation sample is available per Apple user group. This can be kept or given away during user group meeting.

To accept this offer, contact Jason at jasonh@gumdropcases.com with the name, email, location and meeting presentation date for your Apple User Group. A posted written review of the accepted product would also be preferable.

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Leader Special Offer – EverWeb by RAGE Software: Free to Apple User Group Leaders


EverWeb is an easy to use drag and drop website builder. No coding, and no web building experience is required to get your beautiful website up and running. If you have ever used Apple’s now discontinued iWeb, your transition to EverWeb will be a breeze. EverWeb’s user interface, and most of its functionality is very similar to iWeb. Build a website either from scratch using a blank canvas, or modify one of the many professionally designed built-in templates.
The Apple User Group Leader may review the product and present at user group meetings. To download, please visit http://billing.ragesw.com/link.php?id=38 The link is pre-loaded with a one-time discount code.
This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Leader Special Offer – Nisus Writer Pro: Free for Apple User Group Leaders

nisusNisus Writer feels like home, with support for Mac OS X autosave, document versioning, and iCloud. These tools are right wherever you want them. Customize which palettes are seen and when. Assign any keyboard shortcut to any menu. Add any menu to the toolbar. You’re in control. Learn more at www.nisus.com/pro/.

An Not For Resale version of Nisus Writer Pro is available to any Apple user group leader who offers to review and present this product at one of their user group meetings (limit of one copy per user group).

This offer can be accepted by contacting Dave at dave@nisus.com, and providing the user group name and location.

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Special Offer – Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount

Opus ][ is a complete collection of The Byte Works’ programming tools, resources, compilers, tutorials, and documentation for the Apple II computer. Consumer applications such as the Quick Click spreadsheet, morph program, and movie player for the Apple IIGS are included, as are 35 book-length manuals and guides. Download the utilities package for $25, or with their source code (over a million lines of code!) for $40 total. Apple user group members get a 25% discount by entering the discount code during checkout.
See your user group Ambassador for discount code.
Purchase the complete collection:  https://juiced.gs/store/category/software/
This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Leaders – macProVideo Training: 12 Free Library Passes

macProVideo.com is a leading producer of high quality tutorial-videos that show people how to use popular Mac software. They are focused on educating new people to help them become better Mac users. As a sponsor, macProVideo.com will provide a dozen door prizes for your members; each winner gets a 1-Month “Core Library Pass,” retail value of $24.95 (US).

This pass provides instant access to macProVideo.com’s Online Tutorial Library, and comes in an attractive fold-out, 100% recyclable box.

Your Apple user group must have a current website, then sign up by filling out the form:


Once your group is verified, macProVideo will send your group 10 “Core Library Passes”. macProVideo.com will also provide each sponsored user group with 2 free, NFR passes to the Online Tutorial Library (a $199 /year value).

This offer is limited to one sponsorship per user group.

This worldwide offer is ongoing while supplies last.

Special Offer – Que Publishing Products: 35-45% Discount

Que Publishing has more than 32 years of experience helping users learn about computers and technology for the home, office, and business. Their books, eBooks, and videos teach through step-by-step tutorials, are rich in illustrations, and provide in depth references on important topics including OS X Mountain Lion, iCloud, Apple devices, and much more.

For those interested in beginner to advanced Mac programming titles, visit Que’s partner site www.informit.com/store to see new releases from Addison-Wesley Professional and Sams Publishing.

Apple user group members can take advantage of exclusive product discounts of 35% off the list price of all print books and 45% off the list price of all eBooks and Video Training plus free U.S. shipping every day.

See your user group Ambassador for discount codes.

To get started, visit:  www.quepublishing.com/store

This worldwide offer is ongoing.

User Group Reunion 2011 Thanks

Many thanks to the fifty vendor sponsors who helped make User Group Reunion 2011, held on January 27 at Macworld 2011 in San Francisco, a rousing success.

Thanks also go to the many attendees, VIP guests, volunteers, the UGAB and UGRL team members, and especially to IDG, who generously provided the room and A/V support for the event.

Together we made User Group Reunion 2011 an event to remember.

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