Special Offer – Dan’s Tutorials: 25% Discount

Dan’s Tutorials, formerly known as Noteboom Tutorials, is a subscription-based Apple-product training service that includes instant access to over 1,000 lessons and tips for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.  Dan has recently rebranded and created a new site with several new features for his tutorials.

Topics broadly cover the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Books, Calendar, Contacts, Files, Image Capture, iMovie, iTunes, Keynote, Mail, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Photos, Preview, Reminders, Safari, Tap Forms 5, and more.

Membership includes all the tutorials, and various plans are available. Subscription plans also include a 14-day free trial. More information is available at https://www.danstutorials.com.

Dan’s Tutorials offers Apple user group members a 25% discount on any membership plan. The discount is applied not only to the first payment, but also to all future payments.

To receive the discount, go to https://www.danstutorials.com/pricing/, select a plan, and enter the coupon code on the checkout page.

See your user group Ambassador for the coupon code.

This worldwide offer is valid through March 31, 2020.

Special Offer – Eve Products: 25% Discount

Eve ProductsWith a rich history of EyeTV and Elgato products, Eve Systems now includes Eve Aqua, Eve Flare, Eve Room, Eve Degree, Eve Energy Strip, Eve Light Strip, Eve Door & Window, Eve Energy, Eve Button, Eve Light Switch, and Eve Motion. Detailed descriptions about each of these fine products can be seen at evehome.com
These Eve products are now available at a 25% discount to Apple and Apple-authorized reseller employees, Apple Specialists, APRs and Apple User Group (AUG) members. An Apple or Apple-authorized email address, or AUG email address is necessary to purchase any product (limit of one per person of each of the products), each of which is not-for-resale.
See your Apple user group Ambassador for details on how to redeem this special offer.
This worldwide offer is ongoing.

Special Offer – MacCleanse 8 Software: 20% Discount

MacCleanse is a powerful application from Koingo Software which is geared towards purifying your system and reclaiming hard disk space. In only seconds, it can perform over fifty tasks which could take hours to perform manually. Safely uninstall applications, slim Universal Binaries, wipe unused language files, erase caches, empty logs, clear cookies, delete web histories, locate unused and old files and more. MacCleanse won’t miss a thing and could reclaim hundreds of megabytes, if not gigabytes, of storage. Learn more at http://www.koingosw.com/products/maccleanse/.

While MacCleanse is regularly $79.00 (US) for an individual app, Apple user group members can use the coupon code at checkout to save 20% off the lifetime license. This means upgrades are free for life with no upgrade charges ever again. The coupon is also valid for 20% off the alternative of a $30/year subscription. A downloadable trial version is also available.

See your Apple user group Ambassador for discount link and code.

This worldwide offer is valid through December 31, 2021.

Special Offer Update – AgileBits 1Password 7: 25% Discount

Too many passwords to remember? 1Password 7 for Mac is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with your web browser to automatically log you into websites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms, and easily generate strong passwords.

As an Apple user group member, you are entitled to get the new 1Password service at 25% below the normal $3.99/mo.(US) retail price. This subscription also gets you access to 1Password, not only on the Mac, but also iOS (and Windows/Android as well).

Note that 1Password 7 for Mac is a monthly subscription service.

See your user group Ambassador for discount link.

This worldwide offer is ongoing.