User Group Guidance

apple user groupsIn the survey, we asked for guidance and groups offered their thoughts. Interestingly, some of the factors that groups considered, such as aging membership, was cited as a reason for, and against, Zoom-type meetings 🙂

Here is some of the advice offered:


Some groups find benefits in  the online meeting format

  • In person meetings work for business and technology, but are restricted to the talent in the group. Zoom meetings work for technology lessons and can utilize talent from other groups!
  • Easier to get speakers with online meetings.
  • we have had great success with Zoom meetings but it won’t suit everyone.
  • Guest speakers are more readily available because if Zoom or Skype access.
  • New faces from distant members
  • Going online for meetings has allowed us to regain users who found a long drive at night too difficult to attend.
  • Our members come from a wide area. Several only attend infrequently. Having virtual meetings has allowed more members to attend (although overall participation is down slightly). Other than that, we really miss the face to face and social aspects.
  • online, other mac groups and former members joined us back
  • Zoom turned out to be a viable way of meeting, which surprised some of us.
  • Online contests can be fun, but be sure to allocate much time to the events!
  • Know Zoom controls at an advanced level.
  • We were surprised and delighted that our members mostly took to zoom like ducks to water. Though we all miss in-person socializing, we get better attendance and more efficient meetings using Zoom. The ability to record and make available for download past meetings has been a popular feature in our group.
  • Platform that allows screen sharing is important. Some with hearing problems like it online to control volume. Also use closed captioning.
  • Zoom is a very good tool
  • Online remote meetings with perhaps an in-person once a year get together seems to really interest our members.
  • You may need to help people with the first online meeting

Some groups see benefits in meeting face to face (more…)

Meeting Ideas: Clips, iPadOS 14, and iPad – Then and Now

Apple logoAre your members interested in the newest version of Clips? Clips is an iOS-only free app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more? ASW has information to help you plan a great meeting:

Clips – First Look (L573379A-en_US), iPadOS 14 – First Look (L585034A-en_US), and iPad – Then and Now (L575791A-en_US) can provide the information you need.

Ambassadors: May is a great month to check out ASW.

Apple User Group Survey 2021 – Meeting Formats?

Many groups changed their meeting location, day, or format in 2020-2921. As you might expect, the pandemic factored into meeting decisions, with some groups moving fully online due to loss of a regular meeting space, civic responsibilities, or need to socially isolate. Some groups have been meeting remotely for years, while others used the past year to master Zoom, FaceTime, and various remote streaming options.

A friend from the Tucson group wrote recently about how some groups may decide to stay online permanently. In fact, his group is currently seeing almost as many attendees for their online meetings as they saw when meeting in person.

We would appreciate your input in this very brief survey. Next month’s Bulletin will have the results.

Meeting Formats Survey – Apple User Groups 2021

(Thanks to Curt B. for this discussion – a lot of folk in the community are making plans and it will be interesting to hear their guidance.)

Meeting Ideas: iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone 12, Apple Card Family, and more

Tuesday’s Spring Loaded April 2021 Event brought amazing new products and one-of-a-kind features. Whether your members will want to know more about AppleTV 4k’s calibration system on iPhone (wow!), the cool Center Stage technology in the new M1 iPad Pros, the impossibly thin and high performing new iMacs, or more, ASW and Apple Support’s YouTube Channel have you covered.

ASW offers a wealth of resources about Tuesday’s announcements – here are just a few:

  • 27-inch iMac with Retina display – First Look ( L543100A-en_US)
  • iPad Pro – First Look (L581397A-en_US), 
  • Apple TV 4K – First Look (L592422A-en_US)
  • 24-inch iMac – First Look (L592421A-en_US)
  • USB-C accessories for iPad Pro and iPad Air  (L581398A-en_US)

Better yet, if your members have not seen the keynote, Introducing the new iMac | Apple, or Mission Implausible | M1 chip | iPad Pro | Apple, you can watch it on  Apple’s YouTube channel. (more…)

Meeting Idea: AirTag

The new AirTags are here and they are amazing. What to help your members learn more about AirTag? ASW and Apple Newsroom have everything you need. Be sure to check you ASW for AirTag – Quick demos (L592426A-en_US) and AirTag – First Look (L592425A-en_US), then head over to Newsroom for more:

Ambassadors, April is a great month to check out ASW.

Meeting Idea: Today at Apple – At Home

Apple logoIt can be hard to find a meeting topic when members are doing their part to flatten the curve. Have you heard about the new offerings from Today at Apple? Today at Apple – At Home offers great sessions that your members will enjoy. From adding drama to your portraits with iPhone, to making your videos more cinematic with iPhone, turning your home into music with GarageBand, and more, the tutorials are fun and easy.

Learn a new skill today.

AWUGU: Next Meeting is March 15 – User Group Exchange

Tom Piper

by Tom Piper, AWUGU Coordinator

AWUGU: March 15, 2021 Zoom Meeting

Our next Apple World User Group University meeting is scheduled for 5:00pm, Central Daylight Savings Time, March 15, 2021, with the topic to be the User Group Exchange (draft agenda attached). All AWUGU previous registrants will receive an invitation to this meeting.

This topic was suggested at our last meeting to learn how Apple user groups hold cooperative meetings, share information and exchange ideas

An additional topic has been added about  Zoom recording disclosures and privacy policies. If anyone has these items, please share them during our discussion. All comments and feedback is welcome!

To become a participant, any interested Apple User Group leader must first register with the AWUGU Coordinator by emailing their name, location, and user group name and web link to (a download of the most recent free Zoom app in advance is also necessary).

Best wishes,

Tom Piper

AWUGU Coordinator