Meeting Idea: Apple Watch Series 4, macOS Mojave, and Everyone Can Create

Looking for a short presentation for your group? ASW has you covered.



Why not use ASW’s What you need to know about Apple Watch, the ECG app, and health features (L580265A-en_US) and What you need to know about Apple Watch and cellular connectivity (L569418A-en_US) for your next meeting? Curious about macOS Mojave? Check out macOS Mojave – First Look (L577303A-en_US).

In March Apple created a specialized curriculum for educators, Everyone Can Create, to help students develop and communicate ideas through drawing, music, video, and photos on iPad. On October 1 Apple released the Everyone Can Create curriculum to the general public via Apple Books. Everyone Can Create includes four new project guides for drawing, music, video, and photos, available for free in Apple Books. Each guide provides a series of projects that build skills progressively, helping users gain foundational-to-advanced techniques in each medium.

Ambassadors: October is a great month to use Apple resources for your meetings.

How-To: Dealing with Difficult People by Dr. Scott Pelok

Over the years, some of the best ideas for user group leadership have come from the worldwide community of user group officers, the hard working leaders and experts who ensure that their groups survive and thrive.

This month’s How To features one of the most popular presentations ever presented at a User Group University session. In his session, Dr. Scott Pelok talked about the various sorts of difficult people we encounter in our groups and in everyday life. The Board still gets letters asking about the presentation and we have heard from folk who say his tips helped resolve challenging situations in their groups. Use the link below to download his presentation.


Thanks Dr. Scott!

Jennifer Shelby: The Art of Leadership

In September we received a request for a copy of Jennifer Shelby’s The Art of Leadership, delivered at a San Francisco User Group University. The longevity of some presentations is amazing! This one, delivered 14 years ago is still on point and offers great ideas for excellence on the part of the hard working leaders and experts who ensure that their groups survive and thrive.

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An Insight Into Fonts by Bill Oldham and Brad Smith

Articles by Bill Oldham, Brad Smith, Pam Doughty, and Monty Maizles

The August 2018 issue of AUSOM News contains a number articles providing an insight to fonts that arose from a presentation two AUSOM members, Bill Oldham and Brad Smith, gave to the iWork Special Interest Group at July AUSOM meeting.

They provide some useful hints, tips and insights to the use of Fonts and Typography that deserve a wider audience… So, the separate articles by Bill and Brad have been combined here, along with a short tip from Pam Doughty and an amusing sign captured by Monty Maizles.

Please feel free to share a link to this article with your own members.


June’s Featured Vendor: Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus and Working Smarter for Mac Users

June’s featured vendor is a user group favorite: Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus. You may have enjoyed his ability to translate technical jargon into usable and entertaining guidance at one of his many User Group University appearances, watched him present at Macworld, read one or more of his 80 computer books, or simply enjoyed hearing him explain technical topics in ways that make sense for The Houston Chronicle or The Mac Observer. His newest project is Working Smarter for Mac Users, taking those years of experience and expertise and creating a course, consulting sessions, and an eBook that clearly live up to their name, helping users complete more work in less time.

Meeting Idea: Accessibility and Apple

Groups have had a positive response to accessibility as a meeting topic. Apple’s Accessibility home page says that the true value of a technology is not measured by how powerful it is, but by how much it empowers the user, and every Apple product contains amazing and empowering accessibility features right out of the box. From being able to take a perfect group selfie without being able to see the screen, to VoiceOver, display accommodations, Live Listen, closed captioning that displays far more than text, LED iPhone notifications, Switch Control, customized gestures, AssistiveTouch, Guided Access, typing feedback, text-to-speech, fitness algorithms for wheelchair users, and more, there are features to make every user’s tasks easier.

Another great way to enjoy an accessibility presentation is to bring your group to a Today at Apple Accessibility session showing the basics of using the assistive technologies that are built into every Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. 

Check it out.


Nicholas Pyers Presents: Avoid Presentation Disasters

auo-logo-full-steel-greyOne way to avoid a presentation disaster is planning ahead for a presentation kit. This month, Nicholas Pyers of offers us an updated look at the cables, adaptors and accessories that any group conducting presentations on regular basis should consider having on hand. By being prepared, you can be sure that if your presenter arrives with the wrong, or no, cable or adapter, the show will go on. Check it out!

Ever wonder what Nicholas is doing when he is not writing for the user group community? While his new cruise tips and commentary blog is coming soon, be sure to check out some of his current projects.

Junee Rhythm and Rail Festival Inc.

Apple and Earth Day 2018: 100 Percent Renewable Energy

You may think that you are aware of the many innovative products that came from Apple research, but did you know that Apple invented a line of disassembly robots (Liam)? While existing recycling techniques only recover a few kinds of materials and often diminish their quality, these robots can recover 1900 kg of aluminum, 1.3 kg Gold, 7 kg silver, 24 kg rare earth elements, 3.5 kg tungsten, 800 kg copper, 0.4 kg platinum group metals, 55 kg tin, 550 kg cobalt, and 2.5 kg tantalum from every 100,000 iPhone 6 devices that are turned in for recycling. (more…)

User Group Stories: AUSOM

This is a new series presented by the Apple User Group Advisory Board to spotlight and share the experiences of Apple User Groups around the world. We will take a look at how groups are managing, meeting, growing, networking, and adjusting to the needs of members in the 21st century.

By Rick Ortiz, Chair of the Apple User Group Advisory Board


This month we share the story of Apple Users Society of Melbourne, better know as AUSOM. We traveled (virtually) around the world to find out the story of how AUSOM has been so successful. We had the opportunity to participate in a FaceTime meeting with the group’s members and leaders at their monthly meeting. What is amazing, is this group is in its 40th year, and the group appears to be going strong. In a day and age where social media, texting, and technology has become the mainstream communication method, this group has proven that in-person social interaction, networking and sharing creates true and long lasting friendship. And to that end, the sustainability of AUSOM. As one of their members stated, “It’s not about the computers, but what we do with them.” Let’s take a look at what makes this group so successful.