Meeting Ideas: Record the screen on your iPhone, Find an AirTag, and more

Sometimes it is fun to add a bite-sized tip or two to your meetings. Have you tried Apple Support on YouTube? The channel has a ton of neat and quick how-tos that your members will enjoy. 

For example, check out How to record the screen on your iPhone or iPad, What to do if you find an AirTag, Ping your iPhone with your Apple Watch. Many of the videos are under a minute in length, focusing on a single skill or technique.

Have a look and a listen:

How to record the screen on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

Ping your iPhone with your Apple Watch — Apple Support

What to do if you find an AirTag — Apple Support



Meeting Idea: Digital Books on Mac and iPad and More

Need a presentation for your group’s next meeting? Why not take a look at Digital Books on Mac and iPad? Show your members how  easy it is to design, create, and share their own professional-looking digital books using Pages on iPad or a Mac. Better yet, check out Apple Education’s series of free Apple-published books covering skills your members will love to learn about. Start them with a few techniques and a link to each full book, and the meeting will be one to remember

The links below provide an overview of the contents and links to the books in the Apple Books app. 

Preview of Creating Digital Books

Preview: Everyone Can Create Photos

Pyers Presents: Getting a Media Release Published

auo-logo-full-steel-greyNicholas Pyers of always has expert ideas on ways to make leading your group easier and more efficient. In this article he discusses media releases: basic guidelines, finding topics, generating media interest, identifying media opportunities and more. His article wraps up with a link to a helpful article on creating a media kit.Check it out

Meeting Ideas: Virtual Sessions with ASL and VoiceOver & How to Use Live Listen

Apple accessibility logo Your members may enjoy Today at Apple this week for live virtual sessions presented in American Sign Language and VoiceOver. Better yet, there are great short Apple Support videos walking users through the use of Live Listen and How to navigate iPad Pro with gestures.

Check them out:

Today at Apple

How to use Live Listen

How to Navigate iPad Pro with Gestures


Meeting Idea: Global Accessibility Awareness with Apple Support

Apple accessibility logo Many groups have had a positive response to accessibility as a meeting topic. Apple’s Accessibility home page says that the true value of a technology is not measured by how powerful it is, but by how much it empowers the user, and every Apple product contains amazing and empowering accessibility features right out of the box. From Magnifier, to Switch Control, Back Tap, VoiceOver, headphone accommodations, made for iPhone hearing aids, Live Listen, AssistiveTouch, Guided Access, typing feedback, text-to-speech, fitness algorithms for wheelchair users, and more, there are features to make every user’s tasks easier.

Another great way to enjoy an accessibility presentation is to use Apple Support’s YouTube videos, covering the basics of using the assistive technologies that are built into every Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. 

Check it out.

Apple Support on YouTube – Accessibility


Helping User Groups Discuss and Understand Malware on Macs

By Rick Ortiz

Apple users have for the most part been protected from many of the viruses and malware issues experienced on the PC. But with the popularity of Apple products over the past decade, those wanting to take advantage and compromise your computer use experience has grown. Most recently, applications, search engine hijacks and web browser plug-ins are the culprits of what many Mac users think are “viruses.” This has become a popular discussion topic at user group meetings. So to help user groups, we are providing group leaders with a meeting guide and how you can address and discuss this issue at your meetings. Click on read more below to continue.

I. Overview (more…)

Meeting Idea: Apple Research app

Your members may be interested in the Apple Research app and their related research studies. Members may know that Apple protects their privacy, but may not know that the Apple Research app meets all HIPA requirements or that Apple will have no way of identifying any data provided. They may know that the Apple Research app is designed to change the cost, time, and complexity of doing large-scale health studies, but may not know what sorts of things are being studied.

For example the Apple Heart and Movement Study partners with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to explore the links between physical activity and heart health, and the Apple Hearing Study, in partnership with the University of Michigan studies how hearing could be impacted by exposure to sound at certain levels, and how this might affect stress levels and cardiovascular health.

Of course, that’s just the start. The Apple Research app could make for an interesting and rewarding meeting topic.

Apple Research app

UGU Redux: Dealing with Difficult People by Dr. Scott Pelok

Over the years, some of the best ideas for user group leadership have come from the worldwide community of user group officers, the hard working leaders and experts who ensure that their groups survive and thrive.

This month’s How To features one of the most popular presentations ever presented at a User Group University session. In this session, Dr. Scott Pelok talked about the various sorts of difficult people we encounter in our groups and in everyday life. The Board still gets letters asking about the presentation and we have heard from folk who say his tips helped resolve challenging situations in their groups. Use the link below to download his presentation.


Thanks Dr. Scott!

Meeting Topic: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

Your members enjoy the iWork suite, and the just-released updates can make for a great meeting topic. The good news is that ASW has the information you need. Collaboration is easier than ever, with support for iCloud Drive folder sharing and offline editing of shared documents. Smart Annotation, innovative spreadsheet templates and interactive sliders, animated objects, Instant Alpha, and more make for a feature-packed update with easy to use features. In addition, there are beautiful new templates and themes. Your members can even use Presenter Mode and Pages to turn their iPhones or iPads into a virtual teleprompter.

To help you out, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—First Look (L589382A-en_US) pdf on ASW has some quick and easy demo ideas as well as a description of the updates.

Apple Ambassadors, April is a great month to check out Apple Today and ASW.